Feb 1, 2012

Nap Time


misc 075


Its not too often I find them all snoozing at one time.  I snapped this picture off the deck because I was afraid if I moved any closer, I would catch their attention and one or all would get up. 


misc 079


But no, they kept on snoozing and never paid any mind to me as I walked toward the corral.


misc 081


I wasn’t sure if Butter was in a deep sleep or dead.  So I zoomed in.


misc 080


Either she is dead or sleeping does not become her…. 


misc 082


Butter!  Wake up!  Ah, much better.



  1. I hate when they sleep flat out like that! Friends have an old creaky mare that likes to sun herself mid-day like that, and I was farm watching for them for a week or so - she did that to me EVERY day, and every day I really had to go make sure she was breathing. She'd give me the dirtiest looks when I woke her up walking over - LOL!

  2. Great pictures! I love how they all look so happy and peaceful.

  3. Now that shows how confidently secure they feel!

  4. Horses won't completely crash unless they know a trusted herd member is watching over them.

    Looks like you're the one. Congratulation!


  5. I hate when mine do that to me. LOL It's neat when they're that confident in their home. Wonderful pictures!


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