Feb 11, 2012

Nice Enough to Ride


Horse Blanket 2


Although 14 degrees is far from sweatshirt weather, I was surprised when I geared up in coveralls and the works that I almost felt overdressed.  Last night’s wind chill temperature was –18*.  The horses have plenty of shelter and windbreaks, but I did slip blankets on them last night.  I think they were certainly happy to get them off this afternoon; their coat quite warm beneath the lining. 


Truly, it did not feel too cold to ride.  But then again, I was pretty layered.  Our gravel roads are still snow packed as well as our driveway; just not the best conditions yet.  Spring will be here next month. 


Although the bruising from my fall last month is gone, I still continue to have stiffness in my lower back.  Not terribly painful, but there.  When I injured my tailbone a few years ago, it was almost a year before that pain went away.  I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case this time.  But it is worrisome. 


I spent some time yesterday at the DMV.  I needed to pay sales tax on and license the new Ram truck and renew the plates on the Ford Focus and the 1-ton Chevy truck.  The plates on the bumper pull trailer expired in December and also needed renewed and I wanted to relicense my living quarter trailer to an RV plate to keep me from having to stop at those pesky weigh stations.  A grand total of $2,339.76.  I spent more at the DMV than I did for Christmas – the last two combined!  I am pretty sure I spent more at the DMV than our wedding cost 19 years ago.  Nebraska.  The heartland of taxes. 


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  1. OMG! What are you cars made of? Gold? Thats a lot of dosh! I thought my three vehicles, a 4x4, and two cars were expensive!! But I shall not complain about the horse trailer, we dont need to register those.


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