Feb 6, 2012

Super Snow Weekend

Photo Feb 06, 10 21 20 PM


We had our first major snowstorm of the season.  Heavy, deep snow, but very pretty.  Since we have been blessed with such wonderful weather this winter, I won’t even complain.  We got close to 8 to 10”, and quite a bit of it already melted today.  Although I was out on Saturday, I didn’t venture anywhere on Sunday and I’m quite disappointed I didn’t go out to take pictures.  Driving to work this morning, it was just beautiful out; the snow still layered on the trees. 


Photo Feb 06, 10 21 36 PM

Photo Feb 06, 10 21 51 PM


I did snap some pictures of the dogs on Saturday;

they love the snow. 

Well, the boy dogs love the now. 


Photo Feb 06, 10 22 16 PM 

St. Bernards really love the snow.


Photo Feb 06, 10 22 01 PM


Photo Feb 06, 10 22 10 PM 


Fat Springer Spaniels. 

Not so much. 

Poor Maddie.




  1. Dogs do love the fresh snow! Mine go daft for it!

  2. Poor Maddie is right! Dogs don't usually trudge. Frisk, scamper, frolic... but not trudge.


  3. Maybe I need to get a St. Bernard to inspire me to at least like the snow.

  4. I can't believe I'm going to say this but, I wish we'd get some snow... We've only had two very light dustings all winter and I enjoy riding in the snow. Love the pictures! :-)


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