Mar 9, 2012

Catching Up


Photo Mar 07, 5 22 30 PM


I spent most of the week in Austin, Texas; work related.  (Can you believe this sign was posted off the terrace of a restaurant we visited?  Oh, my!)  Although the weather was nice there and the magnolia trees in bloom, I was missing some nice weather here, too.  This past Sunday, my brother and niece came out to ride but the wind was gusting so bad that to call the ride unpleasant would be too nice.  Why is it when I finally have riders for my herd, the weather does not cooperate?


I got home yesterday afternoon and took some time last evening to mess with the horses.  I started with Fancy, riding her in the arena and then out to the field.  Some Canadian geese flew onto our pond and that sure had her attention; even more so when Ritz decided to check them out. 


Butter was up next and she and I came to an understanding about leg vs. spur.  If I spur, she bucks.  But, if I apply pressure with my knees and keep my body in motion, she will proceed past the arena gate.  Now I know.


Last but not least, I hopped on Windy bareback with just a halter and lead.  The sun had set and it was almost dark.  As we walked next to the corral, both Windy and I saw Fancy rolling on the other side of the fence.  Right as we passed, Fancy got up quickly, shook, farted, bucked and ran – all at the same time, it would seem.  Startled, Windy did a quick jump to the left; inertia left me where I was, hanging onto the withers with the back of my knee.  Before I could gather myself, I got a bad leg cramp and dropped off.  I didn’t land on my feet, so I call it what it was.  No one was around but Windy to see me.  She waited for me to pull myself up.  I  sidled her back up to a bucket and remounted.   


The temps are heading into the 60’s this weekend and next week.  I’m planning to make up for lost time. 


  1. Windy is such a sweetie. Good thing you didn't get hurt and no one saw. lol. But you told us about your mishap...

  2. I can tell you guys about the mishap. You are too far away to make fun. LOL. I don't think I have many local readers. :)

  3. Glad you weren't hurt. Windy is a good horse.

    I'll tell you that sign would have gotten my attention. Think I might have stayed indoors after reading it.


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