Apr 12, 2012

If I Could Turn Back Time

I got my riding buddy back, at least for a short time.  My youngest son, Case, not only wanted to go camping with us last weekend, he even said he would like to ride.  Besides an occasional ride around the pasture, it’s been awhile.  I can’t believe this is the same kid who used to fit snugly behind our saddles.  His little 14.2hh Butter-horse still fits him – barely. 

Photo Apr 06, 5 43 20 PM

He and I left early last Friday afternoon for Rock Creek Station.  John would come down when he got off work.  We settled on Toby Keith for our Pandora radio station.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my big gas guzzling truck with 3,341 miles on it?  And now sporting a nice big crack across the windshield thanks to a truck we met on the road.  I had hoped the rather BIG ding could be repaired but there were no options in the small towns we were traveling through and by the time I got back to Lincoln on Monday, it had cracked larger than what can be repaired.  So now my windshield matches the ding on the back of my truck which you may recall and I am trying to forget.  Oh well, its just a truck. 

Photo Apr 06, 4 58 57 PM

We got to Rock Creek and during the course of unloading, I managed to fling fresh manure on my almost-16-year-old son’s ankle and you’d have thought the world ended.  After washing his sock, we saddled up and hit the trails that we have rode for years. 


In 2004, Rock Creek Station was the place that Case rode Butter for the very first time, then owned by a friend.  We bought her the next year.  Such good memories. 

2009_january 004

John and our friends joined us later that evening.  I had promised Case a full-moon ride.  No one else was game, so he and I saddled up and went out alone; scaring ourselves silly riding along the forest trails.  Wild Bill Hickok killed a man at Rock Creek Station.  Riding through the station, we wondered if the buildings were haunted and were careful not to look in any windows. 


Don’t tell Case I said this but the time in the truck and those few hours on horseback – just he and I - meant the world to me.  We don’t get alone time like that very often. 




  1. Awwww! What a great weekend. It's so great I may even forgive you for putting Cher in my head. (I may have that song on my "housecleaning" playlist, but if I did I wouldn't admit to it, of course.)

  2. I can still see the Cher video on the naval ship......

  3. OH GOD wasn't she wearing something horrible, like a lace bodysuit? I can't youtube it to relive it. I just can't.

  4. That's so nice. Maybe he'll want to come more often and ride with you now. Just try and keep the manure off his socks, it could be a deal breaker!

  5. That is so awesome! So glad you guys had such a good weekend!

  6. That is awesome!! I have a 15yr old and only wish I cold get him to go with me now, this gives me hope. They don't realize how much these things mean to their moms:)

  7. And you threw in a moonlight ride, too! What a great time. I spook myself out on moonlight rides up here, knowing what predators we have and knowing the horses can see way better than me. I can't imagine trying to stay on board when my mare decides to fight something I can't even see!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  8. This makes me smile. Glad you got another weekend of great memories.


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