Apr 19, 2012

Pimping for Product


We took Windy and Fancy over to the farrier’s the other night for their shoes.  We don’t normally shoe unless we are planning to ride some rocky rides, but with all the road riding we have been doing, I just decided to shoe them now.  Fancy is a bit upright in the pasterns so this gave him an opportunity to help right that situation. 


plastic horse shoes


Before we go on vacation this summer, I am pondering having them shod with these urethane horse shoes.  I would think this would provide some shock absorbency against the percussion when traveling down our hard gravel roads if not some degree of traction when riding on rock.  They are pricey compared to normal shoes ($9.50 per shoe) but where I don’t keep the horses shod all year around, it won’t set me back too much.  Have any of you tried these?


I had a note from the marketing of Boot Stroot asking if I would be interested in trying their product and reviewing it on my web.  Boot Stroot is used to hold your jeans in place when putting boots or 1/2 chaps over your jeans.  I have been wearing breeches this winter so haven’t had the opportunity to try these with jeans but will shortly.  Stay tuned.


Now if Plastichorseshoes.com would just contact me and ask if I would try their product in exchange for a review. 


Or Ariat boots. 


Or Wrangler Q-Babys. 




  1. LOL, I KNOW! It's never the products I use, always weird stuff I don't use.

    The ground control shoes sound wonderful. I hope they work out, and either way, I hope you review them!

  2. Isn't that the way it goes? I'm with you on wanting to be discovered by Ariat or someone who makes high tech dog harnesses and leashes. I'd be willing to try some Pentax camera lenses too.

  3. You and I ARE alike! I worship the ground my Ariat All Terrains walk on and I would marry my Wrangler Q Babys if I wasn't already married. In fact, I just bought two more pairs last night.

    I'll tell you what those Boot Stroots would also be good for--you know the new boots that are in style--not for horse stuff--those tall boots that go up to the knee and sometimes over? Bar boots. Some of them only zip up halfway like mine. It is a nightmare getting your jeans down them! I would love to try those Boot Stroots!

    I would also love to try those shoes. I don't like the concussion from hard shoes but sometimes a horse needs shoes. I'm like you, barefoot if possible. These sound like a decent compromise.

  4. Never seen those...but I'm on my 3rd year of " EASYWALKER" sportsmedicine horsrshoes. They are Co-polymer. They absorb shock and come with or without an integral pad.
    I just can't do the steel shoes! These are about $29 a pair. But like you said, not done but 2-3 months out of the year I can handle the cost.


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