Apr 6, 2012

Time Management


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Years ago I took a time management class and the instructor reminded us to watch our free time as carefully as we watch our work calendar. He went on to caution that a lot of stress comes from overextending ourselves when we aren’t working. At that time, I was probably single, didn’t have kids, a horse or a farm and my biggest time management stress resulted in someone planning an event at the same time Knots Landing was broadcast. Thank goodness for the VCR!


Having implemented the new feed regimen with Fancy and Windy has surprisingly has turned into a time sucker. Oh, nothing incredible, but a good half an hour from the time I change, head to the barn, separate those who get special feed and wait for them to finish. Yes, I do other things while they are eating but it is usually horsekeeping related like grooming or fixing tack or simply watching them eat rather than housekeeping related like laundry and dishes which seems to continually suffer under my supervision. Really, I don’t have to win the Mega-Millions but just enough to employ a housekeeper would be nice.


Photo Mar 29, 6 41 39 PM


Then there is that Distance Derby thing. I am thrilled that I have increased my riding time and miles three times over what I did last year but to even think about competing with those at the top, I would have to more than double what I put into it right now and there is just not enough hours at the end of the week and quitting my job isn’t an option (especially if I want that housekeeper someday.)


I’m not whining – far from. If I didn’t work, I couldn’t have horses so its quid pro quo. 


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I mentioned before that I am disappointed when I don’t update this site as often as I think it should be.  It is relaxing for me to sit and write and go through pictures from the week and share with all of you – many who I have never met. Blogging or journaling is my way of talking about my horse life without boring my friends with all the details. And more than once I have referred back to posts for something long forgotten. I am sad to see so many fellow bloggers are pulling the plug on their blogs but can certainly understand that sometimes there just isn’t the time or notion.  I do still regularly visit most of the blogs I follow.  I don’t always comment due to firewalls or reading on my iPhone, but you are very much a part of my day.


It’s a holiday weekend, but not a long one for me.  The normal length.  But there are no family get-togethers planned (very relieved) so we’ll break tradition a little bit and do something different. 


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Have a Blessed Easter.




  1. I totally understand. Having horses, working full time and trying to take care of a house and yard is so overwhelming. That is why my house always looked like crap (to me anyways).
    I'm trying to be better about house work, since the remodel.
    I've been reading blogs on my cell ph. Keeps me off the computer, and that is one thing I had to cut back on. But I don't want to stop reading blogs so I read them throughout the day wherever I am at (and not stuck behind a computer).
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. I agree that time management is a problem. There never is enough time to get it all done. I've considered closing up shop too but instead I manage about one post a week. I really enjoy reading others blogs and connecting with the horse community through them.

    Happy Easter!

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  4. As busy as I am working part time and NOT having an acreage or horses on my property, I can't imagine how you get it all done.

  5. I am disappointed too that people are closing up shop on their blogs! I think it's better quality reading than what most of us are doing lately--going on Facebook.

    Knot's Landing, lol. I remember thinking I didn't have a lot of TIME back then. What a laugh.

    Separating them for feeding does take a lot of time. I have to separate my guys. Nothing I can do. They're all on different diets. At least I got the old guy by himself (well, with the pony) now. He takes FOREVER to finish his grain. At least I don't have to wait for him anymore. And speak of the devil, I better get out there.

  6. Unless you`ve got loads of cash, I guess we have to work!
    I was working over Easter weekend, but as aI see it, to keep horses, like you, I gotta work!

    Hope your easter was a good one.


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