May 10, 2012

A Nice Ride

I just hollered upstairs to my almost graduated son (last day of school was yesterday) and asked if he would come help me in the kitchen.  He has already scrubbed the basement, laid some brick tile and smashed aluminum cans, but hey - stuff needs done around here.  He said, "can't I just have a little time on Facebook?"  He needs to be more sneaky about it.  I have managed to clean the stove, oven, frig and freezer AND post some comments on Facebook.  So I gave him 15 minutes off.  Me, too.

Last night I rode the Platte River Riders (Saunders Chapter) ride.  After I was sure there was going to be other riders, I decided to take Fancy instead of Windy.  I haven't mustered up the courage to haul her somewhere solo yet.  Once on the Oak Creek Trail, we headed from Loma toward Brainard.  We don't normally go this direction because it is pretty flat and out in the open.  Translation:  usually too windy or too hot.  But it was a gorgeous, windless, bugless night - so that's the way we went.  Since I haven't been riding Fancy at home and John has been riding more, its been almost a month since I've been on her.

Fancy's biggest problem lately has been separation from her buddies.  The last time John and I rode with the group, I was riding up ahead and he was talking with others several horses behind me.  He said she was quite a handful when she lost sight of Windy.  Last night, there were only three other horses and she fell second in line walking out nicely on a loose rein.

On the way back, we were about two miles out from the trailers.  One of the riders and I had loped a short distance and then he dropped back.  Fancy kept moving out in front and I let her go.  For the next 2 miles, we trotted back to the trailers by ourselves.  She could have walked if she wanted, but she didn't.  She could have rushed back, but she didn't.  Just a nice even pace.  When we reached our trailer, I didn't let her turn in but we continued another 1/2 mile down the trail, turned around and trotted back to meet our group.  It was the most relaxed I have been on her since we parted ways this past winter.  I needed this ride on her.

I just watched the video again.  John said we should have called her Vera because she is always veering around looking at things.  Even in the video you can see her look to her left, look to her right.... stand up, sit down.... fight fight fight.  (Sorry, couldn't resist).

Vera.  It might stick.



  1. Sounds like an excellent ride with Fancy!! I know what you mean about the looking right and left...Fritzy does that non stop. And when I'm following behind I see that she always looks right and left, she weaves on the trail like she is drunk. I'm always laughing at her.
    Brandy gets separation anxiety and it can get pretty bad. And once she gets all worked up it's hard to get her calmed back down.

  2. I know it's a horse blog, but I hope you manage to sneak in some pictures of graduation activities too!

    1. Yes. Graduation will be posted. Need to go find and refresh myself on my good camera. Been using the iPhone so much, I forget I have anything else.

    2. Lovely ride. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  3. Fancy is so cute how she looks about!
    Glad you are getting steadier wirh her..I must find the " parting of ways" event you've been mentioning.

  4. Our parting of ways... was here:

    Falling sure shakes up the confidence. Its getting better but dang, its sure no fun! :)


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