May 7, 2012

RV Service by TO




You might recall that last year I had a refrigerator put in my horse trailer.  My old trailer had one, my new one didn’t.  I thought I would go a year and see if I really “needed” a frig.  I didn’t last a year.  The stickler was finding someone who could put one in without having to drive to the nearest horse trailer remodeler a good three hours away.


A friend had a business card of a local guy, Tom,  who does repairs/ remodels on recreational vehicles here in Lincoln and we were told was interested in helping out horse people with their living quarter trailers, something the other RV places would not do.  I called him up and sure enough, he was able to install a nice refrigerator for me and did a fabulous job!  I have since recommended his services to some friends who have also become satisfied customers. 


RV by TO


I’ve had a few people recently ask me for his name and number – its that time again.  So I thought I would put it out here  1) so I could find it easily when people ask and 2) for those of you who didn’t know we had someone locally who could help us out. 


Tell him Tammy sent you. 



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