May 4, 2012

Where Did Time Go?


I had to flip through the pictures on my iPhone to see where I left off since I last posted.  (And for the record, I have read that first sentence over and over again and still can’t decide if it makes any sense or not, but I’m going to let to go hoping you know what I mean.)




The Platte River Riders are riding again.  Our new Saunders County chapter has seen riders every week, albeit just three  of us this past weekend at Wildwood and two of the horses were mine, but any number over one is a success in my book.  The prior week’s ride was at Branched Oak where we joined the Lincoln group and had close to eighteen riders.  Following the other chapters on Facebook, they all seem to be garnering more riders and the weather has certainly been cooperating. 


Photo Apr 28, 11 48 11 AM


Last week was our annual May Day ride, a bit early due to the looming graduations.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we had to cut the weekend short, thus our group was cut back to about half.  But Saturday was picture perfect on the river at Bader Park.




I’ve been meaning to get some recent pictures of Fancy; being on pasture has certainly helped the shedding process.  She is looking better but still not seeing the weight gain I had hoped to see at this point.  Since she is just coming five and the youngest horse we have had in a long time and she is far from unhealthy, I am going to just chalk it up to her age and he fact that she is still growing.  The next time the vet is out, I’ll have him check her teeth and get his overall opinion. 


In the meantime, I continue to prepare for next week’s graduation party. 




  1. Well it sounds like you had some nice rides. Fancy looks good too. Have fun with the graduation party,I'm sure everyone will have a great time.

  2. Hello Tammy!
    Your rides are so awesome...I wish I had a group riding horse in mine...but some of the groups around here are yahoo-ish and I can't depend on sane rides.

    Fancy looks lean and good to me for her age. The mouth check will reveal more and anything that needs to be addressed for weight.
    Windy looks awesome too!
    Thanks for the visit and kind words!

  3. That first sentence made perfect sense.

    Same thing with Bullet. He still looks lean to me. I've been chalking it up to him being older. You're thinking younger. Maybe it's because it's harder to put weight ON them than to take it off. It takes longer. I don't know...


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