Jun 24, 2012

Hot Hot Hotter Than …..


Summer arrived today with a vengeance.  If ninety degree temperatures weren’t bad enough, we get slapped extra hard with high humidity.  I was up early and hoped to get a quick ride in before it became unbearable but before 8:00 AM, my jeans were already sticking to my legs.  Who says a sports bra alone is not perfectly acceptable riding attire?  No, I didn’t strip down until after I got back  but certainly came close!  Five miles was all I could take.  I think Windy wondered why we had to do even that much!




Yesterday we took the “new to us” boat out on the lake for her maiden voyage.  Case and his friends skied.  I didn’t even try.  I made an attempt a few years ago (pre-weight loss) and then again last year (+10 of post weight loss) and couldn’t pull myself up anymore.  Its not like I have gotten into any better shape since then – noting a few more ++s.  I’ll wait until we buy a tube and enjoy it that way.  I did re-up my Curves membership; I really need to get back in some sort of shape.  Age fifty-one is not becoming at all.  Putting it here may shame my way into doing something about it. 




Whenever I go to the barn, I usually have my iPhone in my pocket.  If I’m lucky, I can catch some good shots of the horses.  My iPhone does not display the picture that I took long enough for me to see if it was a good one or not.  When I upload to the computer, I find the outtakes pretty funny.  Amazing how my pretty mares can make such ugly faces. 




And no, Fancy does not have her head stuck in that opening.  There is a lot more room there than it looks in the picture.  She was actually standing there so pretty and I thought the tin of the building would make a nice backdrop for the photo.  I think I missed the shot.  Sure looks like both of them are panting from the humidity!




“Okay, if we stand here real pretty maybe we’ll get some grain.”





There’s one in every crowd. 



more to come

Looks like we aren’t going to get much of a break from this weather for awhile.  I have to keep remembering that we were riding in January and liking it!  It’s been a year of weird weather; this is more the status quo.


John is outside (his fifty-one year old body handles it better than mine) making some tweaks on the boat.  Maybe we should take it for another spin. 





  1. You should definitely take the boat for another spin and go for a swim to cool off! We only had those high temps for a few days and then we cooled off. I hate the humidity it makes it so much worse.

    Love the pictures of the gang. They look so silly in some of them it made me smile. Hang in there and stay cool.

  2. I love the pictures of your horses, especially the three of them with that beautiful rustic red barn in the background. Stay cool. I tried water skiing a few times many years ago and never caught on. Don't get to do any boating, but if I had the chance I would enjoy just riding around on the boat. Very fun and a good way to endure the summer heat.

  3. Oh wow that is hot! I'd be happy to break into the 70's around here! Still 60's and rain..blah.
    Love the goofy horses!! Silly faces!
    I bet being on the boat when it's that hot helps!! I would love to get a boat someday. I grew up boating with my family and loved it!

  4. Yes, that weather is coming my way and should arrive on Wednesday. Living it up while I can. I hope I can fit in a ride before then! Love the candid photos.

  5. You look great, but working out is always a great idea. I love taking my iPhone to the barn as well. My Canon I worry about too much. And I love the spontaneity of the iPhone. Have you found Instagram yet? A free app that has fun textures... (warning: it is addictive)


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