Jun 22, 2012

A Little of This & That





Last weekend was the Grand Opening of the new equestrian camp at Branched Oak Lake northwest of Lincoln.  Thanks in part to a donation by the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee (NHTC), a new campground was constructed, complete with corrals, electrical hook-ups, a bathroom (gasp!) and water hydrants. 




As part of the Grand Opening, the NHTC put on a mini clinic with topics which included Horse Camping, Trail and Trail Safety, Safe Stabling Away from Home, and great camping tips.  My demo was on Trail Tack and Windy was my model. 




Unfortunately, the lake got over 3” of rain the night before the Grand Opening and it even rained a bit during our demos, so we canceled the associated trail ride but were still glad to see over forty people in attendance.  Everyone was such troopers.  Please call and make reservations to USE this campsite.  If it is not filled with horse people by 4:00 on Friday, it is open to other campers.   



It’s been a gorgeous week here with temps in the 80’s.  I took Windy out last night for a quick ten mile loop down our roads.  There is one area where there is a herd of young cows.  I didn’t see them in the lower pasture but as we made our way up the hill, I caught site of them running to catch up as they usually do when we go by.  Not the best video, but if I stopped, they stopped and I wanted you to see them moving.  It is such a hoot. 




In other news, we had the first Distance Derby rider cross the 1,000 mile marker!  Congratulations to Christine!  That is a heckuva lot of miles. 






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  1. Looks like such a great place. Hope you get lots of horse people there today. Bathrooms are a big plus in my book.I wish I could come. Have a great time. Liked the cow video too.


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