Jul 5, 2012

With Honor


I’ll put braids in her mane to keep her neck cool, like we do when we compete in CTR.  She’ll wear her lightweight black saddle with the yellow-gold show pad.  It will be cooler than her trail saddle and thick pad.  The black and gold against her mahogany bay coat will look very sharp.

As requested, I’ll go in as “western attire” as I can get.  My style has always been rather eclectic; Ariat terrains with western spurs, a pair of Case’s light cotton jeans because they will be cooler than those of mine with spandex.  In my closet, I found a white sleeveless button-up blouse with an embroidered yoke.  I don’t think anyone will mind that I wear a helmet instead of a cowboy hat.  He wore one, too. 

Tomorrow they are burying Lance Corporal Hunter Hogan, a 21-year-old Marine that was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, June 23rd.  He had Nebraska roots and he was a cowboy.   Organizers have asked that horse and riders – as many as can come – accompany him to his final resting place.  I didn’t know him or his family but I am honored to be asked.

The soaring temperatures waned my enthusiasm; heat indexes predicted to be 103 or more.  But then I remembered that this is a small sacrifice for such a big one.  My horse is well conditioned; she is parade ready.  We will escort him home.  My dad would be proud.

To be continued....



  1. So sad. You and your beautiful girl will do him and his family proud.

  2. Oh Tammy, I am so proud of you and Windy mare.
    What a heart wrenching loss.
    This really tore some tears from my eyes.
    You ride strong and We'll be praying for the family and for all the devoted riders, "In Honor", like you.

  3. What a touching, lovely tribute you and your horse will do for this deceased soldier. You and your special horse will mean a lot to his family, and how very wonderful to be able to honor him with your horse and riding. Even if it is wickedly hot out, I'm glad you are going ahead and doing it. What a touching way to honor him. Thank you to you and Windy!

  4. God bless you all who will escort him to his resting place.

  5. Good for you. What an amazing gift to his family.

  6. I am proud you onored this young man and his family. Thank you.


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