Aug 17, 2012

A Little Bit of This & That




After returning from vacation, we had another week of hot weather and now it finally has cooled off enough to tolerate.  No rain, though.  The drought continues.  The damage is done.  The farmers are starting to cut the corn hoping to be paid by insurance rather than yield.  Our pastures are brown and we are starting to feed our winter's supply of hay.  My hope of a fourth cutting of alfalfa is waning.  If we don't get rain in the next month, we will be desperately looking for hay before springtime.  It is scary. 




On the plus side, I have been riding most every evening.  I put both Fancy and Butter in the the rotation when I ride here at home.  Heck, I even got Blue out one evening.  Yes, the Distance Derby continues to motivate me but I am also back on a diet and trying not to eat after 7:00 PM.  If I am out riding, it takes away the temptation.  I've started going to Curves again regularly, too.  I know from past weigh loss that diet and exercise are both needed to be successful and I am committed to getting back to where I was a couple years ago.  I won't say its easy; its ranking right up there with when I quit smoking all those years ago but at least I have a reward at the end:  my wardrobe which no longer fits. 




Last night when I loaded Windy for the Platte River Ride, I noticed her eyes were gunky.  I used my finger to clean it out and put on her fly mask.  After work tonight, I checked it again and although not quite as thick, it was still messy.  Without moisture, everything is dusty and dirty.  I am sure that has contributed as well as the eye flies being more persistent.  I am feeding last year's grass hay in small bales and it might be a bit dusty.  Lots of things could be contributing to the irritation.  I know that eye issues shouldn't be ignored, but since it is in both eyes, I think it is environmental not an injury.  The Horsetales group gave me some ideas for treatment.  I'll pick up some ointment in the morning as a first step and if I don’t see results, I’ll take her over to the vet. 




Butter is a gnarly little mare toward Fancy.  She has not warmed to her although Fancy ignores her for the most part.  Tonight she went for Fancy's pile of hay and tried to bite her in the shoulder.  Fancy turned away from her and scraped her face on the panel fencing.  I was there when it happened and treated it right away.  The flies were relentless so I put a mask on her, too.  It’s always something, isn’t it?


Overnight it was down to 45 degrees.  Whoa!  That’s Wyoming temperatures and quite refreshing.  We'll have some hot days yet to come but it sure gives us a taste of fall.  Wouldn't it be great to have as long of an autumn as we did of spring? 



  1. Yes, with you on the routine of health sissy is helping(indirectly by becoming vegan again)It is not easy but totally going to be a better life (and wardrobe!) !

    Those evening rides sound totally fabulous Tammy. Love that rotation circuit you got going!
    If I wasn't disdained by my PBO, I would be out riding then too. Unfortunate to have to board but I still do. So I go to avoid her and it is quite cooler in the mornings... heatwave/draught here too. But we just have the forests to loose, not hay. That is going to affect so many.

    Do you mask your horses in the daytime?
    Usually For fly works for debris too. I use mine for my mare rolling in the very dusty "hogs fuel" arena we have. She buries her face in and then, gets debris in her eyes and rubs. "Clear Eyes" flush is good too from "Calm Coat"

    I LOVE** your Windy in the Pines header! Beautiful~
    going back to read of the Distance Derby.
    Hang in KK

  2. My "Indian Pony" and I have been tracking miles sorry to be unaware of your fun game!

    1. Darn! Would have loved to have had you in our game! We have a couple of riders from up your way. Tammy from Portland and Syndi who you may know from the DOR blog. The Distance Derby has been a great challenge; I have already rode more miles right now than I did for the previous year. Windy is in fabulous shape!

  3. I am too trying to lose weight I know its not easy and my limit is 8pm although I am always tempted to snack at night time!

    So glad that you have managed to get more riding in :) and that its distracting you. xx


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