Sep 26, 2012

Cowgirl Weekend 2012




Due to some last minute cancelations, there were only seventeen riders at this year’s Cowgirl Weekend.  It isn’t the number of riders that matter but the attitude of the group.  It was a really fun weekend and we got to enjoy some beautiful trails. 




The trails at Milford Lake were pretty benign compared to what we rode at Clinton Lake, but that’s okay.  We had some pretty long and difficult rides so we were looking forward to giving our horses a little break as well as ourselves.  Many of the mowed grass trails followed the lake offering some pretty views.  The sun was shining and the temperatures just right.




On Saturday, we rode the Riverwalk Trail into Ft. Riley.  It was a pretty ride, following the Republican River.   Shared by hikers, bikers and strollers, it reminded me a bit of our own Oak Creek Trail. 




Some areas were canopied in trees, while others were in the open through an ammunitions area where it warned riders to stay on the trail. 




We had an opportunity in one place to ride down to the river to water our horses and enjoyed a nice picnic at a shelter at the end of the trail.  All in all, we rode close to 18 miles that day, but it was an easy ride for the horses. 




The Eagle Ridge equestrian campground at Milford Lake is one of the nicest we have stayed.  It offers full hookups at every pad, covered and lighted corrals for the horses with water at every pod of corrals.  It is clean and comfortable and from what we heard, lacks horse people.  The ranger was so thrilled to have most of the space filled with horses that he came and took pictures of our group several times and said he would be using it for marketing materials. 




On Saturday evening, I uploaded my tracks to Garmin to get a read of where I was in the Distance Derby.  I was surprised to find I just lacked 6.42 miles of hitting 1,000 miles.  I wasn’t going to leave until I crossed that threshold.  After a morning ride and an extra loop, I entered what we fondly call the Millennium Club as we rode back into camp.  It was the best way to end a wonderful week of riding.  As I slipped the bridle off Windy and gave her a hug around the neck, I was surprised at how emotional it made me.  She didn’t sign up for this but gives me her all.  I am so blessed. 


The real world is haunting me this week.  I came home to a lost (and found) dog and it’s Wednesday and I’m still not through all the emails at work.  But it was worth every minute and more. 




  1. Such a beautiful place to ride and wonderful equestrian campsites...the best I've ever seen or heard of! I would love to camp and ride there someday :)


  2. Excellent T!! 1,000 miles riding! Windy is so special. The group sounds neat and that place Is beautiful. The Camp hosts are great too, to take shots of you all!

    Glad you made it this year!


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