Sep 12, 2012

It’s Raining!


Tonight was the season finale ride for the Platte River Riders.  I had planned to go but then there was rain in the forecast.  Not just a slight a glimmer of hope but an 80% chance!  And with gas nearing $3.80 a gallon, I wasn’t too keen on trailering forty minutes and then getting rained out in ten minutes.  It was a good call because it has been raining off and on since I got home.  Even though I missed the ride (and according to Facebook, they got rained on, too), it’s raining here!  That is a good thing!


Yesterday it was 97 degrees and hot; right now it is 54 and raining.  The forecast only calls for rain tonight.  I hope it is a good one. 


Photo of Windy and me taken by Christine Shenefield


It’s also Cowgirl Weekend time!  You may recall each year at this time, I am invited to a weekend of riding with other like-minded women.  This is my 10th year.  That first year, there were just seven of us.  I think this year, there are around twenty invited guests.  My friend, Kathy, who hosts this event,  tries each year to make it special; more than just a trail ride – we can do that anytime – and includes other activities in camp throughout the weekend.  I am very grateful for the efforts she sets forth and for the invitation.  Many faces have changed through the years which changes the dynamics of the group, but her desire of riding together and the laughter and fellowship has not changed.  Something I certainly respect.  Trying to get twenty women to come together on anything can be quite a challenge in itself and I am glad Kathy continues to put out the effort.


Last year, we started a new tradition.  As long as we are going to be gone for 4 days, why not be gone for a week?  Then our husbands only have to complain to us once!  So a few of us have extended the holiday and will be leaving on Monday.  We’ll visit other areas before meeting up with the group at Cowgirl Weekend next Thursday.  I got Windy’s health papers re-upped yesterday and she’ll be reshod tomorrow.  The trailer is in the driveway slowly being packed and I’ll be ready to roll on Monday.  This week is dragging…..




  1. Hi, I've stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading about trail-riding in Nebraska. You all do some fun things together! I live in KY and enjoy the trails here with my little Arab. I had no idea NE had such varied terrain. It's a beautiful state, would love to ride there someday.

  2. Cowgirl Weekend sounds like a lot of fun. I can't believe your gas is only $3.80. Some stations around here are up to $4.26. Have fun and good rides.

  3. This is just wonderful reading about all the trail-riding in Nebraska. Growing up in Lincoln, I had no idea what surrounded me. My head was stuck in a Chemistry lab or similar. I am just fascinated. Love the photographs and your trail tales. Thanks, I'm loving it!


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