Sep 20, 2012

Photo Shoot


Before we left, I asked Kathy if she could take some pictures of Windy and me while we were traveling.  Oh, I have so many pictures of the "most photographed horse" and my friends have shared some of their shots when I am riding:  helmet hair, no make-up and usually some old tee shirt.  I wanted to "professional" shots.  So Kathy brought her good camera.  By the time we got back to camp on Tuesday, we were pooped.  So yesterday was our only shot at the shoot.  Unfortunately, there was 25 mph winds with gusts, but we would lose the light if we waiting any longer.


The following are some of my favorite shots.  When Windy looked good, my hair was atrocious!  And when we found a spot where my bangs wouldn't blow to the back of my head, Windy wouldn't cooperate with her ears.  Yes, Sharron had every prop known to man shaking and rattle and flying around behind the camera and those ears just wouldn't come up.  But out of 1,487 pictures (okay, kidding, but there were a lot), there were a few I really liked.  These are straight out of the camera, uncropped or photoshopped.  May play with the coloring more when I get home. 


PhotoShoot 093

This was my favorite.  She looks good, my hair isn't too wild.  She hadn't knocked me into the tree yet. 


PhotoShoot 087

Sharron suggested this pose - it was one they used with her daughter and her horse for her senior pictures.  We sprinkled food on the ground to get Windy's attention. 


PhotoShoot 077

This was one of the best ones we got that was close to a full body shot of Windy.  There were a lot of shadows but she still looks pretty good. 


PhotoShoot 074

We were walking to another area and there was a sign by the gate blowing in the distance which caught her attention.  So we stopped and shot a few while her ears were up.  I like her tail blowing behind me.  


PhotoShoot 062

Her ear is funny, my hair is a mess but I liked her angle in this picture.


PhotoShoot 051

Too much light and too much forehead seemed to be the problem when we started out.  


So there you have them.  New profile pictures for Facebook, and probably a new picture for my desk at work.  Horse pictures always garner questions but it doesn't take long for the eyes of the audience to glaze over from boredom.  I can talk horse for hours!


After a short ride today, we are loading up and heading out.  Cowgirl Weekend bound!




  1. Nice pics, you match & both look great! Have fun at Cowgirl weekend, lucky you!

  2. How fun! I think doing this kind of stuff is 'good for the soul'. Seems silly we only do it for graduating HS and getting married, IMO. The pictures turned out great, but how couldn't they with such good looking subjects!

  3. What great pictures!! I have been wanting to get my sister to take pix of Chance and I, but she moved. So maybe next summer I can get her out here to do that. I also have a friend that does professional photography and I have been thinking about having her do it too. I just really want some good pix of us!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. T , those are great *great shots!
    Bet you 3 had loads of fun trying too!
    Of course, my fav is the last one. Though you say too much forehead and was adorable, honest, and made me laugh.! Windy's head , wedged newer you and a tree!
    Yup...talking horse for hours is so easy and fun!

  5. They are all lovely. Number 3 is my fav. :-)

  6. Great pictures all! You look gorgeous in turquoise. It really makes your eyes pop.

    My favorite is the 4th one down. Both of you look very natural together.
    I also like the 1st one because of the way the trees make a perfect frame.


  7. Love those pics! You'll treasure them for years :)

  8. Fantastic photos! Can't pick a favorite, they are all great.


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