Sep 19, 2012

Rockhaven Day 2


CGW 2012 163


After the rain, the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up considerably.  We made dinner on the grill but ate in Sharron's trailer.  Ear bands, gloves and a heavy coat for feeding and I slipped a waterproof blanket on Windy for the night.  I was glad to have power and turned on the heat strip in my trailer before going to bed.


CGW 2012 303


Come Tuesday morning, the sun was shining and it promised to be a "just right" day.  We rode out in sweatshirts but by midday, could easily tie them to the saddles.  We packed a lunch and headed out on the Rimrock Trail, a blue upper trail and headed toward the dam.  As the trail map said, there was more rock but not terribly bad.  The trail also went out of the woods into a meadow area where the grass was knee high and green - something our horses haven't seen for months and they were quite insistent upon getting a taste.  


CGW 2012 400


Depending on who's GPS we were looking at, it was around six to seven miles to the end of the blue trail.  We dropped down to the water just under the dam to let the horses drink and have our picnic lunch.  The shoreline was not soft at all and we could have probably rode it for miles. 


CGW 2012 214


CGW 2012 213


CGW 2012 231


Someone mentioned on Facebook that my Windy is the most photographed horse alive.  I smiled when I read that; probably so.  She doesn't mind and it combines two things I love to do; ride horses and take photos.  There were a lot of things on the water that were catching her attention that gave me a chance to take some pictures while she stood still looking off in the distance. 


CGW 2012 421

After a lunch break, we dropped back down to the orange Rockbottom Trails to make our way back to camp, stopping yet again to water the horses at a nice little cove that seemed pretty inviting. 


Kathy on Zuni



Sharron on Boomer


We meandered slowly back to camp, taking the time to shoot pictures when the opportunity presented itself.  Some didn't turn out as well due to the shadows through the trees while others were spot on. 


It was a much more pleasant evening.  I built a campfire and we enjoyed our dinner outside.  Today we are heading out in a different direction; will do a morning and an evening ride and will have some fun taking pictures this afternoon.  Stay tuned.... 




  1. The fourth photo down is wonderful, and so is watering your horses in a cove! sigh. I'm hoping to trailer out soon with a group of people that want to trail ride and I am SO excited as that is my very favorite thing to do!

  2. What a beautiful, fun ride!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to ride! I especially enjoy trails that include a dip in a lake, the horses do to! Glad your weather warmed up, but not too much. Beautiful pics!!!
    p.s. my horse insists on sharing my licorice, granola bars, name it!! :)


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