Sep 22, 2012

The Last Few Days


When on a horse trip, I always have great intentions of trying to post every day.  After all, I have quiet time in my trailer before I go to bed or when I get up in the morning.  But writing on demand is not that easy and sometimes I am just too tired to think. 


CGW 2012 092


On Thursday morning, we did a quick two hour loop at Clinton Lake before loading up to drive the hundred or so miles to Milford Lake to meet the other girls for our annual Cowgirl Weekend.  We took some more pictures of that last ride as if seeing it again for the first time; what a beautiful place to ride and I can't wait to return.  With the help of Garmin and Siri, we left the Lawrence area, this time without incident and arrived at the new horse camp about midday.




If you are new to this website, Cowgirl Weekend is a yearly trip hosted by my friend, Kathy.  Fourteen years ago, she and the late Joyce Vossler thought it would be an opportunity for women to become more independent with their horses; traveling, driving the rigs and most importantly, just spending time with other like-minded women.  This is my tenth year of attending Cowgirl Weekend and although most riders who come are now fairly experienced, the camaraderie and friendships is as important as the learning opportunities.  This year, there are seventeen attending.




Compared to Clinton Lakes, these trails are easy.  Mostly flat, they offer pretty views of the lake as well as weaving through some wooded areas.  We didn't see the wildlife we saw at Clinton but I heard there was a snake on the trail and I thank those in front of me for scaring it off before I rode by.




At one point, a few of us broke off and did some loping down the wide open trails.  We found a path that lead to the lake.  The wind was blowing very hard and slapping the waves to the shore.  The spray on our backs felt a little like being at the ocean.  Windy did not want to go too close to the water.




As a mixer for the group, we played some mounted games yesterday afternoon.  Windy and I suck at games.  For one race, we took a flag from our partner and weaved through cones and planted it in the last one.  I cannot do anything with my left hand and had hoped I placed myself in a position to use the right hand.  Nope.  After much circling and changing hands, we finally got the flag planted.  The other game was the ribbon race where we had to weave the figure 8 holding a rope with another rider.  Windy took exception to the horse she was partnered with and wasn't too keen on riding next to it.  Her ears were permanently pinned during the entire race.  Our time wasn't too bad considering her attitude.  We take our team scores for each race and keep a running total.  We are seventh out of fourteen riders at this time.  There are two more games today.  I don't expect to stay in the top half.  As I said, we suck at games. 


Today is our last full day of riding.  We are riding on a shared trail toward Fort Riley today; perhaps a little longer than yesterday but still an easy ride, one both Windy and I will appreciate. 

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  1. Looks like beautiful riding. This Lincoln girl had to look up Clinton Lake. I'm loving following you around. I may have to move Royal from California back to my old tromping grounds.


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