Oct 4, 2012

Fall Colors


With the drought, harvest came in early September and most of the fields around us are already out.  Unlike July, when it was hot and miserable, September has just flown by.  It has been ungodly dry so I did not expect much for color this fall but I have sure been surprised.  There pictures aren’t anything fancy; just taken around my home with the iPhone from September 29 through October 2.  Things change so fast. 




Don’t recognize those ears?  I’m riding Blue for a change.  I gave Windy a week off after Cowgirl Weekend and then she threw a shoe, so a few of the other horses had to earn their hay bales. 




When we first moved here in 1992, we planted three purple ash trees.  The wind took two of them in the early years.  We replaced them with a different kind of ash.  The above turned brilliantly yellow this year. 




The original ash was a very pretty hue of purple; brighter than I remember in previous years. 






Just some close-ups of the sun coming through the leaves.  As always, I wish my camera could capture what my eyes see. 




A handsome dude, huh?  Case was leaving for the homecoming dance and stood long enough for me to get his picture.  The trees behind him made a great backdrop. 




Last Sunday, we were invited to ride at a friend’s place.  John is on Butter and I was riding Fancy.  The sumac frames the picture beautifully.  (This picture is the only one not take with the iPhone.)




I caught the horses at the hay bale when I was standing at the deck.  John’s garden in front of their fence is just about spent. 




This is from the corral looking back at the house.  The yellow and red trees are the ash trees I mentioned earlier.  The middle tree is a red maple which won’t turn for a few more weeks.  It has never got real vibrant; I am curious if this year will be different. 




The “outhouse” seems to always makes it in the picture.  It takes on a different look this time of year verses winter.  It isn’t a “working” outhouse.  It is right near the corral gate and I keep halters and leads in it as well as miscellaneous items which come out of the trailer when I unload the horses. 




Finally, Windy is mobile again and we did a quick trip down our gravel roads in a blaze of glorious color




  1. Gorgeous colors!! This year has been great for fall foliage with the wind holding off for a bit.

  2. Gorgeous!! The one thing I will really miss about the long drive to Tulsa, OK for Arabian U.S. Nationals is seeing the beautiful fall colors on the way there and back!! On top of the most gorgeous blue sky! We just don't that much beauty here!!

  3. Beautiful fall colors! I love your Farmhouse and you even have an outhouse - totally cool!! Your place reminds me of my long-since departed, but much beloved Aunt Harty's old place in Kansas. I have so many fond memories of spending time in summers with her as a child. *sigh* Good times! And that long, dirt road!! We don't have that kind of thing here, unless you get way up in the mountains, and then it's heavily graveled for the passing of log trucks. Where are you located? Looks like great horseback riding country. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!

    1. Thank you! We are in eastern Nebraska, about 30 miles north of Lincoln. We have a lot of corn and bean fields out here so the landscape pictures aren't as pretty as focusing in on the trees in a particular area. I am going over to an area to ride today that is all trees near the Platte River. Should be just as pretty.

  4. So pretty. As always, you make me want to move to an acreage. It will take me all day to talk myself out of it.

  5. WOW. You have some phenomenal trees! And this is a BAD fall year?

  6. Love*** those Ash trees T!
    We've just got a little color -this week- it finally froze once! Most the green leaves have fallen off shriveled!

    Aren't these phones neat!! I'm terrible avoid taking my actual camera now!
    That shit of you and hubby is FANTASTIC! And Case is so cute!

    Looks good around there!


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