Oct 12, 2012

Say It Isn’t So!




Never mind that we have been in a drought for the last four months and begging for rain!  Or that I waited until the last possible minute to enter this weekend’s Competitive Trail Ride weighing in the possibility of bad weather in the hills of Indian Caves.  The slight chance of rain shown in the long range forecast would never come to fruition, would it?  We have been offering up sacrifices for rain all summer.  If only I would have know that entering a CTR for the first time in two years is the ticket to bringing it on! 




See that purple star?  That is where I’ll be.  See that big mass of red?  That is a storm.  A big one.  And if that doesn’t hit us, the green means we’ll stay nice and wet.  A little rain in the plains is not a big deal.  But unlike what you think Nebraska is (flat and baron), Indian Cave State Park is in the bluffs above the Missouri River.  The trails are long and steep.  And when wet, I would envision like a ski slope.  I am having flashbacks of the extreme ride at Turkey Creek a few years back, unplanned of course.  And excerpt from that ride: 


“Windy got really big. In my mind, I envisioned her sitting on her butt with her hind legs sliding under her and her front legs between her hind legs trying to keep us from losing control and falling backwards. I remember looking up at her long neck and it seemed too close to me; almost parallel to my body. I think my feet were close to touching the ground, maybe even dragging, but I didn't look. My camera was around my neck. I wish I had the mind to hit "record", but at this point, I was "saving myself." We were going down (the hill that is) and it would be up to Windy to get me there safely. I had no control anymore.”




Then to add insult to injury, I cannot find my rubber rain pants.  The heavy ones that will not let any rain touch my clothes.  Its not like I haven’t seen them in years.  I swear they were just in my trailer a few weeks ago.  God knows I haven’t used them because we are in a drought!    Who’d of stolen one pair of rubber pants and left a trailer full of expensive camping gear? 




Oh, and wind, too.  Another of my favorite weather conditions!  Not!  Okay, so I could pull and be out my entry fee but save a tank of gas.  At $3.65 a gallon, that would be a deal!  Or just do it.  If nothing else, it will make for good stories. 


When it comes down to it, I really really want to do this ride.  And as much as I hate being wet – just hate it! – I can probably come up with enough clothes to make it tolerable even without my rubber pants.  It’s not like its going to be 32 degrees. 




I won’t compromise Windy, though.  If the hills get greasy and she is struggling, I’ll pull.  After she has helped me get a thousand miles this year, I won’t risk hurting her; she didn’t sign up for this. 


I guess I hope if it has to come, it comes through fast and is gone.  As dry as it is, perhaps it won’t leave much of a mess.  I’ve had so many fantastic rides this year for which I am thankful.  Time to just buck up and ride. 




  1. I wish I could say "it isn't so"... but be careful! I'm excited for my first trail ride off the farm - possibly this weekend! I look forward to hearing how this trip goes for you.

  2. I will be thinking about you and Windy. Next year for us for sure!

  3. That storm arrived in New Mexico this morning. Blasted us with heavy wind, sideways rain and pelted us with hail. It lasted for several hours, but moved to the northeast right around dinner time.
    I hope this storm doesn't affect your ride too much.


  4. How excitan!....sounds fantastic, you've just got to go and take the Ridl! then tell us all about It!

  5. I hear ya on the hate riding in rain! That is the main reason I don't ride much in the winter due to it being so wet. Hopefully it won't be that bad and you will have a fantastic ride! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Good luck! I know just how you must've felt, watching the weather forecasts go from "probably ok" to "horrendous bad luck centered on my event." Glad you decided to give it a shot anyway, and I hope you don't get too wet and you have a great time!


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