Dec 18, 2012

Response from “Halsey”


Good news!  I got an email today from Ranger Tim Buskirk with regards to the ATV situation at Nebraska National Forest (see previous post).  He gave me permission to share it here: 

Ms. Vasa,

I appreciate the message you sent regarding the use of the Natick Campground.  We are also grateful for the work that your and other groups have done to improve and maintain our facilities to better accommodate our visitors.  Somehow, the message that we are reopening the Natick Campground to ATV’s has been misrepresented. 

In the next year, we will be having discussions and making decisions about the current travel system on the Forest.  One thing that will NOT change is the allowance of Motor Vehicle Travel (ATV, 4x4, etc.) off of designated routes.  Currently, there are no trails open to ATVs in the area of Natick and there are no plans to construct or open new ones. 

I have added your name to our list of interested parties so you will be notified when we begin our public scoping and comment periods.  While I fully appreciate your input now, I hope that you will submit the same comments and suggestions during that time.  Providing input during our scoping and comment periods is the best way to ensure that your concerns and recommendations are documented and considered in the decision making process.

Thank you for what you do to promote the area, the Forest and outdoor recreation.  I look forward to working with you in the future.



While I don’t know if our letters and emails made a direct impact, I do know that when our group inquired there was a concern.  It sounds like for now, we have dodged the bullet and ATV traffic will not be allowed in the area around the Natick Campground. 


This is a good reminder that horse trail riders must stay diligent on what is happening with regards to horse trails in their area.  Had we acted when Whitetail started to erode, it may have ended differently. 


It still doesn’t hurt to post a letter or email asking to stay apprised of the situation.  In addition, anytime you use a public park, it might be a good idea to follow-up with an email of “thanks”.  I know I will.


And thank you!



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  1. soo good that you got a reply! Where i live in the uk they would ignore the comments, really glad you got a reply and made an impact


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