Jan 6, 2013

A Little Bit of Nothing


ride windy 012a


I usually have a little idea of what I want to post about but frankly, I got nothing.  Suffering from a little bit of writers block but I think I have just been so busy finishing up bookkeeping for the Distance Derby and getting it all ready to turn over to the person that is going to admin it next year, that I just haven’t had time to think about my own little blog.


ride windy 022a


I finished off the Derby in 8th place, losing 7th place by 2.5 miles.  Had I rode on New Year’s Eve, I would have made it.  But I just didn’t feel like it.  I am happy to have finished in the Top 10.  I rode 1,235.8 miles in 2012 and spent 376.5 hours in the saddle.  I think I deserved to take the last day of the year off.  Windy thought so, too. 


Really, I didn't just eat the inside of your riding helmet.  Really, I didn't!


I have been having so much fun with my new camera.  Of course the dogs, horses and sunrises are my main subjects right now.  I did get the SLR For Dummies book and have been reading up on overall operations.  There is a learning curve.  I can’t imagine how much film I would be wasting if it were not the era of the digital camera.  I’ll shoot 82 pictures just walking to the barn!  Case took the one above of Windy and me with my new zoom lens.  I took this one of Pip when I was questioning what dog could have possibly chewed up my riding helmet?  Guilty?  Yep.


I get so excited when I get a good picture and I share it immediately on Facebook.  I am going to have to save a few back for this website so if you follow Horsetrailriders.com both on Facebook and here, you can see new stuff. 




I got an idea from Facebook to pick a word for 2013 and try to live by it.  My word is “less” an it has nothing to do with riding.  I want to weigh less, spend less, worry less, complain less, spend less time on the negative… you get the picture.   We’ll see where this new road will take us.


This blog has went through a lot of “look” changes since 2004.  It started as a website for sharing information on horse trail riding in Nebraska.  At that time, I offered free classifieds and although it garnered a lot of my readers, that in itself became a job and I was growing tired of that part of it.  I still keep the trail and trail ride information current but my favorite part of Horsetrailriders.com is telling my stories.  I am thrilled to hear from you in comments and many times in person, you mention you follow this site.  I sure appreciate you visiting.  If it comes to a point that there is no one out there reading, I’ll continue to write.  There are future stories yet to tell.  More, not less. 




  1. Spectacular photos! Congrats on the 8th place win!! Also, thanks for the idea of "less" for 2013. I think I'll tag along with that.

    1. 2013 is also diet time. My son didn't eat a hamburger and rather than let it go to waste, I went to eat it. Less of it. First took the top bun off, then after 2 bites, got rid of the bottom bun. By eating "less" I took in "less" calories. See how we play! Let me know how you do!

  2. Love the photos well done on coming 8th thats totally cool! The less idea is pretty awesome I think I'll have to think of a word and stick by it

    1. Thanks. The Derby was so much fun (and I see I am still signed in that way). You'll have to let me know your word and how it plays out. :)

  3. Keep on writin'! The readers are still here.
    Word to live by: (Hmmmm......)

  4. I like the way this site has evolved. In fact, I gave up riding two years ago and sold the horse last summer but still keep coming back here.


I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you! Do come again.