Jan 30, 2013

Taking It Off … Again!


Warning.  This post is all about me.  But if I tell you my secret, it just might help encourage me to fix it.  To be accountable to you.  You may have noticed the “My Fitness Pal” badge on the sidebar of this blog.  Today it says I lost 14 pounds; tomorrow might have another number.  It changes daily but the hope is it gets bigger while my thighs get smaller. 



(My Dad giving me away 20 years ago today.)


Being tall and at one time, a smoker, I had no trouble staying thin.  Once upon a time, I could eat anything and it wouldn’t show.  I chose a slim fitting wedding dress, because I could pull it off.  I don’t know if you would necessarily say I was willowy, but I seemed to have the metabolism of a man and could pretty much eat what I wanted to eat. 




Always a picky eater, my choices were not necessarily the best choices, but it didn’t matter in those days.  Eat, drink and be merry!  I stayed a nice size 9 (in real sizes; with today’s vanity sizing, that would be a 4!) and my only woe was finding jeans long enough.


cowgirl weekend 2 001


I started gaining weight after I had children, after I quit smoking, and after life set it.  I got lazy.  I started feeding a family and never having to worry about weight before, continued to eat as I always did.  By 2003, I was noticeably heavier and I certainly didn’t like the number I was seeing on the scale.  




I dieted in 2004 but not seriously.  I could hide it better riding Blue or my appy, Jo.  When I started riding a finer built, Windy, my “poundage” became the focus and I felt really big on her.  Perhaps too big. 


Expo 2009 062a


Still, it took me to 2008 to get after it.  It was time to tackle the weight problem with the same gusto I used for quitting smoking a decade earlier.  Then I donned the patch, took Wellbrutrin and St. John’s Wart.  I carried around an empty bic pen to chew on and snapped myself with a rubber band when the cravings got bad.  I’d run the stairs to get my heartbeat going; mimicking the rush that I got from nicotine.  I don’t know which of these remedies cured me from smoking, but I figured I would have a similar arsenal for losing weight.




I joined Weight Watchers and Curves and enlisted some friends for support.  I ate salads for lunch and filled the freezer with frozen diet food.  I started drinking diet pop instead of loaded Coca-Cola!  And by the end of the summer, I had dropped just shy of 40 pounds. 




Not only did I look better, I felt better.  I rode lighter in the saddle, I could lift more bales and I didn’t mind hopping off the saddle when someone dropped a water bottle or their cap.  I dropped four sizes in jeans and was wearing “medium” sized shirts.  Working out was the plus; I was probably in the best shape of my life.


PhotoShoot 102


The funny thing about losing weight is you can’t let your guard done.  Ever.  Once I started ordering nachos and  having that second margarita, it was reflected on the scale.  I was in denial for awhile but when I started having to buy new clothes again and not in the desired size, I knew.  I would soon find myself back to where I was if I didn’t start all over again.  Changes were needed – quickly. 




Right after the first of the year, a few of us horse gals have started a “no excuses” weight loss group; meaning we hold each other accountable for losing weight.  We took very candid “before” pictures and have a Facebook page to share our successes and frustrations.  And since I had so much fun the first time dieting (not!), I once again joined Weight Watchers and Curves.  And if I don’t get to the gym, I have Jillian Michaels on the DVD torturing me at home. 




The My Fitness Pal app on the iPhone has really been a great tool.  Simply record your goals and log your food and exercise.  When you are out of calories for the day; you are done.  Or go work out and earn some back.  Believe me, I have!   I’m not advertising for them;  just mentioning a tool that seems to be working for me.


I won’t say that quitting smoking years and years ago was any easier than dieting.  The first year was tough, but I never went back.  With dieting, its so easy to fall into the bad habits once again.  It’s not like you can’t not eat (excuse the poor grammar).  And I am still a picky eater who would prefer a burrito to a “lovely salad.”   Since January 2nd, I have lost 14 pounds.  It’s yo-yo’d a few days here and there, but going in the right direction.  My dirty little secret is, I have 16 pounds to go to get me to that 2008 weight.  If you are counting, I gained about 3/4 of what I lost, back again. 




  1. Good luck. I'm in the same boat as you and have been on WW's too.

    1. I surely hate having to lose it AGAIN but I am starting to feel a lot better. Hang in there, Arlene - nicer weather will surely help us both!

  2. Boy can I relate! I see pictures of myself in the saddle and can't believe those are my thunder thighs! I am going to check out My Fitness Pal.

  3. I know how you feel, when my stomach problem started and it was figured that excercises was aggrivating a torn ligament causing me pain and my doctor said to just ride because that was the joy of my life! I started using my Fitness Pal a year ago and it has really helped :)

    1. I found a new toy! Runtastic - an app on the iPhone. Although I use Garmin when riding, Runtastic is very similar. I didn't want to mix walking miles with riding miles, so if I take the dogs for a walk, I record my miles with Runtastic. Then it calculates calories burned and feeds into my My Fitness pal app! Crazy good incentive to walk!

    2. That sounds really cool I do a lot of walking so I'll have to have a look in to it, I love anything that is going to help me lose weight before I was doing it for a college now I am doing it for me.

  4. That's the thing. You can't quit food cold-turkey.. it has to show up every day! You are doing great, keep it up!

  5. Your wedding picture is beautiful.

    I don't like the way my body is changing. The shape. I haven't gained any weight (sadly, I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm still a smoker) but I've become more pear-shaped with a bit of a belly and bigger thighs. Then with the helmet on nowadays, I am not the hot number I used to be hightailing it around on my horse! I don't like it! I've started exercising a bit. Getting ready for riding season. Thank god we ride, right?!

    Good luck Tammy. You can do it. You quit smoking. If you can do THAT, you can do anything.

    1. Oh, gosh Debbie - I know what you mean. And now that I have passed 50 and have to start working a lot harder to stay fit, I see those women who are approaching 50 and starting to get the spread... they won't know what hit them in a few years! So ladies, if you are under 50, BE PREPARED! And about helmets, we just have to keep convincing everyone they are cool and then we look like a cop in uniform or something and we are cool, too! Okay, its a stretch.

  6. Hi! I just wanted to say that I LOVE when bloggers post about themselves. Makes the blog seem more real, and I'm more motivated to read it.

    My entire blog is about me right now, and hopefully when I figure out my voice, it will take another direction as well.

    Good luck on your fitness pal goals. You can do it!!! :)

    1. Thank you, Cat. I run out of horse things when it is too cold to ride. I love to write but hate when it is always about me. I appreciate your feedback and will try to be more comfortable sharing more outside my horse world.

      I am going to buzz over to your blog tonight and learn more about you!


    I know, I used to use the cool" My Fitness Pal " too. 2 phones ago...got to get the App again! Accountability is key...even to see it for yourself and not show others.

    Thanks for the updates,encouragement, lovely Wedding photo's( YOU are a dazzler T, ) and very AWESOME horsey pictorial shots, of you in diff sizes. My best size is a medium shirt too...I've not come down from a L for some time though. Wintertime and Wa down did not help me at all. Now that I am walking and riding more with the mare...I FEEL TREMENDOUS! Riding really gives me that over-the-top- alive feeling.
    maybe see ya when you hit Portland...what is it for??


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