Jan 30, 2013

They're Killin' Me!

The spammers, that is. And not just me; I have seen reference to it on other blogs, as well. Blogger does a pretty good job of isolating it and NOT publishing their whacked-out garble-gunk but I have comments delivered to my email and it finds me there. Filtering has been unsuccessful.

 So, dear friends, I am left with not accepting anonymous comments or using the word verification which would be very hypocritical of me because it drives ME nuts when I encounter word verification - mostly because I can't ever make out the letters. But for now, that's what I have done. Until I have an opportunity to review how many legitimate comments come in that aren't anonymous and if there are very few, I'll change it to just accepting comments from registered users.

 I enjoy hearing from you and hope that won't stop you from saying what is on your mind.



  1. For a while I was saving all of the "spam" for a blog post, but every time I would try to put a post together, I'd just get mad.


    1. Dang it! Why didn't I think of that! I just deleted the spam files from blogger after I put on word verification. I've been a little stumped for things to write about - that might have helped me out of my block!

      Good to hear from you and glad my word verification didn't stop you from dropping me a note. :)

  2. I have been getting a lot of "anonymous" spam, I put them in my spam folder but how do you stop it? Not as much on my blog, but in my email, under my blog name. so annoying!!!!

  3. I haven't got a lot of 'anonymous' spam and I dread the day when I do get a lot as I to hate word verification. It's a really good idea that Allenspark Lodge has had :)

  4. I got my first spam today from someone with a 'real name'...but the message was definately spam. :(

  5. Spam, spam spam spam! ........Monty Python.
    When I get spam, I tend to move it from the Inbox, to Spam folder. Then the Yahoo Mail site remembers what is or isnt spam and that doe sit for me. Its automatically done.

  6. I have never had an issue with spam. I suppose I am one of the lucky ones! I quit using word verification over a year ago because I can't stand it (when I read blogs from my phone it is a nightmare trying to make out the wv is.) I thought it might become a problem, but it hasn't at all. Which is great for me, but doesn't seem to be the case for everyone! :(

  7. I got so much spam I did a post on it a few weeks ago. It has stopped completely now since I don't accept Anonymous comments anymore. Changed it in settings. Good luck.

  8. Don't hate me, but I have only received one or two SPAM comments in over 5 years of blogging. Those odds aren't bad at all, so I just continue doing what I'm doing and not using the stupid Word Verification.


  9. Ooh, now that you've mentioned it, I recently got two anonymous comments on my blog and I published them, but if I'm remembering right, when I started the blog, I set it up so no anonymous comments come through. I didn't even think about that. Hmm. I wonder if Blogspot changed something? I wonder if I opened up some big ball of wax since I published the comments, ie., opened the flood gates?

  10. Lol I had to enter the word verification like 3 times before I figured it out. Always happens to me!

    I use word press and it gets most of the spam, but I sort through it hoping that someone is a real person posting a real comment!

    I'm just building my blog and my voice (Ok kind of a lie because it's been around but I don't have any readers) so I get excited when I see all the comments, and then just more sad when I realize they are spam.

    But really, if you want to come over and say hello, feel free! It used to be a horse riding adventure blog but I got injured and haven't gotten back in the game and now it's just a blog about me and my adventures, which sometimes include horses, and hopefully will include more soon!


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