Apr 2, 2013

Has Spring Sprung?


Tomorrow night at this time, I’ll most likely be driving home and unloading following the season opener of the Platte River Riders.  Since it just snowed again this past Sunday evening, it just doesn’t feel like its that time of year yet.  We haven’t had enough nice days to unthaw.  Though winter left the calendar, it hasn’t loosened its grasp.




Good Friday was one of the few pleasant days we had.  It’s hard to know how to dress when one day temps dip below freezing and the next we find ourselves in the 60’s.  Adding hot flashes to the mix, my body tends to ignite every hour or so.  I started with a sweatshirt and vest over a long sleeved tee shirt and ended the ride with the vest over a sports bra.  There may or may not have been a few moments that the vest was too warm as well.  But no one was looking or if they were, I didn’t know it. 




Pip made her trail debut that same day.  We rode just over 13 miles and she still had energy to burn.  She was good about sticking with us and coming when called.  If she did anything wrong, it was following too close behind Sarah on Fancy.  While she didn’t kick out, Fancy made it clear she was disturbed by having Pip so close to her heels, so we will have to work on teaching Pip to keep her distance. 


This coming weekend is the Tack Sale at Chance Ridge.  It is the second year I am hosting the event.  We have over 20 booths of new and used tack.  In addition to the tack sale, there are free horse demos happening in the arena right outside the door of the sale.  It should be a fun day to shop and socialize. 


I will mention once again that this blog has been stale.  Lots of reasons – mainly a tad bit of writers block combined with lack of time.  I am not one who can sit down and force the words and really, how many more posts can I have complaining of the weather. 


Tomorrow’s Wednesday and the Platte River Riders are riding.  And with that will come inspiration or so I hope. 


Healer Human Video by Mead Covenant Church Youth Group


Today is my son, McCain’s 19th birthday.  Time goes so fast.  While he grew up in the Catholic Church, he found his true faith when he started attending a youth program with the Mead Covenant Church and has over the years become an active member of that church.  On Easter morning, he performed with the youth group what was called the “Healer Human Video”, depicting some of the well-known Bible stories.  It was quite remarkable and touching. 




While we strive to lay a good foundation for our kids, you never know which direction they will go.  I am very proud of where his life has taken him.  Happy Birthday, McCain.  I love you. 



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  1. McCain, That Was Awesome!!
    Loved The Song Behind It Too.
    JESUS be Praised!

    Spring, It's Trying To Happen!
    Nice Riding, Tammy. I'm With Us On Those Blasted FLASHES. LAYERS, Just Gotta Be Able To Take It Off!

    Question, Do You Ever Worry About Torsion With Pip? Think That's What It's Called.


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