Apr 15, 2013



Awhile back, my Durango starting spitting gas out when I would fill it up.  Even if I would run it slow to the end, it would still spill out.  Before I take something in for repairs, I always do a little internet pricing and found that some 2005 Durangos were recalled for this very same problem.  I called Dodge the next day and learned that although some of the Durangos were recalled, not mine.  I did appeal to their service department but to no avail.  The repair out of my pocket was quite costly and the cheap fix was just shutting the pump off before it was full. 


Recently I got a letter from Dodge that my Durango had a recall for this problem.   Well, dah!


Photo Dec 24, 8 31 00 AM


When I shopped for my Ram, I was price shopping, not color shopping.  I knew what I wanted (Dodge).  I knew what I didn’t want (diesel).  I needed 4WD, a crew cab and a long box.  And air conditioning, of course.  As much as I love gadgets, I don’t need them when I drive.  When I found what I was looking for, it just happened to be what they called “rustic brown”.  I called it UPS brown.  Definitely not the color I would have chosen, but having everything else I needed, I could live with it. 



(picture found online)

When I picked up the Durango today after the necessary recall repairs, I noticed a beautiful Ram truck in the colors I would have preferred.  Cream with gold trim.  Just beautiful!  It was brand-spanking new with the sticker still on the window.  I pulled over and checked out the price.  $63,295!  OMG! 


Let me tell you, there is not a thing wrong with UPS brown!




  1. Thats a lot of cash! UPS brown sounds just fine!!

  2. Yep. When we bought our 2012 GMC one ton dually last year it was quite a shock. Well, we knew we would be paying a hefty price, but dang, that's a lot of money! Thankfully our truck is not an everyday driver and we have had it for almost a year now and it only has 2800 miles on it.
    UPS brown should be just fine! I mean brown is a good neutral color, right?

  3. W-o-w.......? I'm liking my paid-for 2006 F150 more n more! He has just 73k on him, so should be good for years and years yet.
    Yeah, UPS brown sounds perfect.

  4. Holy crap that is expensive!


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