Apr 19, 2013

This and That

I drove to work yesterday morning in the snow. It didn't stick around long but temps hovered in the thirties most of the day. The wind picked up later in the afternoon making it one wretched weather day!

I've been thinking about bike riding lately. While we live on a gravel road and the nearest highway has no shoulder, I work in a nice suburban neighborhood with paved alleyways and an actual bike trail. A friend gave me a bike she was no longer using and as soon as the Arctic blast moves out of here, I plan to park it at work and perhaps ride over my lunch hour occasionally. I took it down our road the other day - just to see if riding a bike was "just like riding a bike". (It was.) I have to admit I was a little freaked as I picked up speed coming down the hill. Visions of road rash and head injuries crossed my mind. I need to pick up a bike helmet before I venture out in town.

I don't watch much television beyond American Pickers, do-it-yourself shows and an occasional real life ER. I stumbled across these shows when looking for white noise to fall asleep by. This past winter, I'd catch bits and pieces of Duck Dynasty and before long, was searching for episodes I may have missed. It has quickly become a favorite. I really don't know why? I am not a fan of facial hair and I don't hunt. But to find a show that isn't full of sex and violence is a rarity. And the fact that it makes me laugh out loud, a bonus.

My poodle pup, Pip, is such a pill. No doubt that she rules the roost around here. Poor Bo has to wait until she has sampled both food buckets before he gets his turn. She is very much my dog; wants to be with me - loves to go for rides in the car - but she is not a cuddly pup. I do miss that. Madeline and Ritz would sit on my lap on a kitchen chair, if I asked them. They would cuddle next to me on the couch or bed. While I love this little Pip-dog, I miss that affection.

I am looking forward to continuing to use my new SLR camera. I have kind of shelved that for awhile. It's just been too darn cold to be outside taking pictures. I caught the sunset above with my iPhone while riding the bike.

I fed the horses in the barn to get them out of the nasty, cold wind. One of the leg straps on Fancy's blanket was unsnapped and she was standing on it. I grabbed the elastic strap and without thinking, lifted her back leg. It snapped up, covered with mud and manure, and got me right in the face. Lovely.



  1. Ouch!!!!

    I like Pickers too. Haven't seen Duck Dynasty yet.
    I personally am stuck on Castle right now.

    Sunset is beautiful

  2. We stumbled onto the Duckmen last winter, are definitely hooked. Some good belly laughs there.

  3. American Pickers is over here, seen a few, ok, not keen on so called reality shows, however, loved the American History series! Great stuff. BTW, mud packs are the in thing you know??:)
    Thats some crappy weather over there.

  4. Omg, you are lucky that didn't get you in the eye!

    I like American Pickers, I like all the DYI decorating shows, but I cannot bring myself to watch Ducky Dynasty. I am so turned off of redneck stuff lately.


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