May 4, 2013

I Wasn’t Kidding…




In my last post, complete with the camping, sunshine and water pictures, I mentioned the “s” word.  Snow, that is.  I wasn’t kidding.  We woke up Thursday morning to this (insert other “s” word). 




As I mentioned many times, I will not cry about the moisture.  We have been in drought conditions since early summer of last year, but doggone-it!  It’s so hard to stay positive when winter just goes on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny.  Can we please dial up the temps a bit?  It dropped to 31° overnight on Thursday which may have just froze our first cutting of alfalfa which we badly need because of said drought.  That I will cry about!  For the love of God, we just can’t catch a break!  I won’t even mention that I hold out little hope for my flowering crab trees and lilac bushes. 


I have blankets back on Windy and Butter.  Windy, because after last weekend, she is totally shed out and Butter, because the others won’t let her in the barn.  Wind chill is at 21° degrees this morning. 




I did sneak a ride on Blue boy this past week – on this 17th birthday.  He has been in my life since he was four and I trusted him enough to get over my riding fears a decade or so ago.  He served as a trusty mount for me and both of our boys.   He and I need to get out more often.  If the snow will ever quit!




  1. The weather seems to be the story all over. We had a cool winter in Arizona this year and then when we got back north of the Medicine Line, Old Man Winter was waiting with welcoming arms and until a couple of days ago had seemed to settle in for a long visit. But things are looking up a little here in the "land just north of summer" we are having a glorious spring weekend and who knows another few weeks of this and we might even get a hay cut this year.

    Enjoying your journal

  2. We've had nights down below freezing, but the days warm up nicely & today has been a beauty. Sure don't envy you the cold temps - let alone snow - though as you say - the moisture has to be welcome... Happy 17th to Blue!

  3. Sorry you are still in the land of cold weather! yuk! We had beautiful weather here in Northern. Ca this year-except that means we didnt have much rain this winter and then that means dry and dusty-fire season starts early.
    We are dealing with near 100 degree temps-unseasonably hot.

    What ever happened to "normal" 4 seasons that I remember from my childhood.
    Is that a figment of my imagination? : )

    1. Where in NorCal are you? I am a NE to CA tranfer, as of two + years ago and we live on a little place south of Sacramento (in Herald-- next to Galt--). We should ride together sometime-- we could
      talk about Tammy. LOL

  4. Eeek! Maybe you can get some moisture that doesn't involve snow soon? :)


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