Jul 12, 2013

Events Worth Noting

Clear the MoPac

On Wed, July 31, The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee would like to ask the Platte River Riders and other horse riders and friends to come to Eagle, NE at the MoPac trail head to help do some horse trail clearing.  The horse trail has become terribly overgrown and we are working with the NRD to get it cleared.  They will try to get it mowed for us and then we can just ride through and trim overhead branches.  Volunteers can come on horse or on foot; there will be motorized transportation on the trail to haul workers.  Bring lopers, hand saws, chain saws and such.  Lots of hands will make quick work.  Meet at the elevator in Eagle (just north of downtown near the swimming pool) at 6:00 PM to quickly organize and get to work.  A fun way to unite with other horse owners and give back to our trails.  

Renee's Someday Ride

Please join me in remembering my friend, Renee Flanagan for the 2nd Annual Someday Benefit Ride the weekend of Aug. 17-18 at Slattery Vineyard Estates of Nehawka.  Visit Renee's Ride on this website.  Information and entry fees are available online now.

4th Annual NHTC Trail Challenge

On Saturday, Sept. 7th, The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee will be having our 4th Annual Trail Challenge at Branched Oak Lake, Area 2.  Entries are open.  Co-chair, Shari Parys, has some fun new ideas for the challenges!  We need riders but will also need a fair share of volunteers to help with judging, scribing, dinner and the raffle.  Raffle items are also needed.  All of the proceeds from this event go to Nebraska trail related projects such as the recent corral repair at Indian Cave.  Information about entering can be found here:  http://nebraskahorsecouncil.org/trail-challenge-2/  You can email me about volunteering.

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