Jul 25, 2013

Finally, T-Shirts!


I started Horsetrailriders.com in 2004 and not long after, started the Horsetales list serv, a popular Yahoo chat group which at one time boasted close to 300 members.  Online horse friends became riding buddies and when we aren’t riding, we talk about it.  The advent of Facebook brought about the Horsetrailriders.com Facebook page and it’s sister page for Horsetales members. 


We always talked of getting t-shirts so we could find each other in a crowd.  Almost a decade later, I am finally getting around to it.  “Imaginary Friends” was coined by one of the husbands who was commenting about how much time his wife spent online with the Horsetales group, many with whom she hadn’t met. 


Introducing Horsetales/Horsetrailriders.com shirts. 




horsetales back


A spin-off of this website, The Platte River Riders started our regular Wednesday rides in 2005!  Wow, that long ago.  And yes, we had t-shirts made way back then.  It’s time to freshen them up a bit and offer them to our new members.  Here is the new Platte River Riders shirt!




prr back


Finally,  we are halfway into Year 2 of the Great Horsetrailriders Distance Derby.  Those competing might consider a shirt commemorating this year long race. 

distance derby


distance derby back


All orders need to be made & paid for by August 16.  Shirt size, style & color information is available by clicking on the T-Shirt tab at the top of the page or click here for ORDER INFORMATION.


If you have any questions, email me or enter in comments below. 




  1. I want to do the Distance Derby next year. I'm excited!

  2. Those are fantastic! When my back heals, I'd like to do something like that here. I've already met a new trail riding buddy who lives right down the road. We had just started riding together when I broke my back. She told me some people used to get together for trail rides but it wasn't very organized and fell apart. When I'm back in the saddle, I'm going to get it going again and I will definitely make some t-shirts. It gives it legitimacy. Imaginary friends are real!


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