Aug 29, 2013

30 Rides in 30 Days?


Football Scrimmage 073


To make up for my lack of riding this summer, I am going to try to ride every day in September.  Considering I have ride plans for about half of those days, I only need to concentrate on the other half, right?  We shall see.  I do know that I need to get back in the saddle a little more often.  This last week it has been about 99 degrees every day.  The only thing that is good for is sitting in the air conditioning.  The horses are sweating doing nothing!




Speaking of ride plans, next month is our annual Cowgirl Weekend which now has become Cowgirl Week.  A whole week on the road with my besties and Windy. 


Football Scrimmage 142


And this year, Pip will get to go.  And a friend will be riding Fancy.  Planning for Cowgirl Week is just about as much fun as the actual trip.  Almost, but not quite. 


Football Scrimmage 092


Nahla, above, doesn’t get to go but that was such a cute picture of her that I just wanted to share it.


Football Scrimmage 119


Bo doesn’t get to go either. 




Then, if that isn’t enough, I talked John into doing a Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) with me.  Well, let’s just say he didn’t say “no” and I may or may not have sent in a registration for him.  I think it will be fun for us to do it together. 


And somewhere after that, I am squeezing in The Eagles concert before the next CTR.  And then I just heard today that Elton John is coming to town in November.  Talk about taking me back in time! 


But back to the CTR.  There is one in Missouri the end of October.  I would really like to go to that one.  Not sure I can swing it, but there.  I said it out loud.  So we will see. 


First up.  Thirty rides in 30 days.  Any bets? 



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  1. I'm betting on You! :-) I would be melting down in that kind of heat... not riding! The photo of you all on the trail looks like heaven on horseback! How do the dogs do with the heat? Do they come in, or find shade?


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