Oct 31, 2013

More From Indian Cave CTR


I thought by the end of this week I would have an update on our Kanopolis CTR that we rode last weekend.  Yeah, the usual.  Lack of time.  I’ll get to it this weekend hopefully.  But in the meantime, I got the pictures I ordered from Indian Cave ride photographer, Andy Klamm.  He gave me permission to post on this blog.  So I wanted to share some of those that I found fun and entertaining. 





First off, he must have noticed our dogs right away.  They both made the cut.  Many times.  We had one tied to Sharron’s truck and one to our truck.  When I would take them away from camp and let the run, they ran for all their might!  I love having the dogs with us but they are happier when they can hang around the trailer at liberty rather than be tied.  But its good practice for them and they love to come along. 


The other thing that tickled me was John grooming sessions with Windy.  One who usually just brushes the sweat off, I was proud to see him really give her the star treatment.  With a mare as pretty as this, she’s a pleasure to groom.





Not only just brushing but making sure her teeth and nose were clean! 




First the front feet, then the back.  Look at her shine! 




Very serious as he watches me show to the judge.  And then it’s his turn.




Did I mention Windy placed 1st this time around?  Coincidence? 



I was not without my own grooming sessions. 

Note that Nahla had to photobomb that picture.   





Showing for the vet judge on the last day of the ride.  He kept us entertained (and relaxed) by telling stories as he inspected our horse.




A nice circle each way.  (Really, I can’t remember if they were or not but looks good here!)




And a quiet moment with the 2nd place horse. 


  1. Boy, it looks like John is really taking this seriously! Watch out!

  2. 1st AND 2nd place? Wow! Great job!


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