Dec 21, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane




It is really bad when I have to read my own blog to figure out when I last blogged and about what? It seems I have taken a leave of absence from this site.  Certainly not intentional.   I have to tell you that the end of daylight saving time has turned me into a lazy fool.  There have been some nights I have been to bed at 7:30 pm just because its cold and dark.  I’ll take my iPad and surf the net and pay half a mind to the television but that is not conducive to writing something for Horsetrailriders. 




Horse related, I haven’t been on a horse since Thanksgiving weekend when we had our Black Friday ride at Branched Oak.  It offered a little bit of excitement when John was bringing Windy down the sand dune hill and she did her little rear up and found no ground underneath her. 




I was taking a picture and did not “snap it” when she was airborne or when she fell at the bottom of the hill and almost rolled on John.  And would I be a bad wife to admit that I was more worried about the horse at that moment?  But all was well.  He just needs to learn to collect her when she gets a notion to descend the hill a little colorful than intended.  (Still not sure it’s a good idea for him to be riding my horse!)




The next day I trailered over to Two Rivers for what was yet a nicer day.  I rode Fancy again and practiced obstacles with Shari and Diane, my CTR friends.  Okay, so I doubt the CTR judge would ever have us dismount like this.  Unfortunately, I didn’t stick the landing but luckily the photographer didn’t catch that shot either!




Shari was much more successful at her obstacles.   What a good horse her Mika has turned out to be.




The next week we took off to sunny California for McCain’s graduation from the US Marine Corp.  And we seem to have been in the fast lane ever since. 


Marine Graduation 051


We stayed on base the first couple days and got to see the boys preparing for their graduation march and other recruits who were just starting their journey to become a Marine. 


Marine Graduation 132


The day before the graduation, McCain spent with us.  I think he ate everything they had to offer on the base from Dominos Pizza to hamburger and fries. 


Marine Graduation 214


California gave us one of their best days for the graduation ceremony.  Sunny and bright.  It was an honor to see these young men achieve what they have worked so hard for the last 13 weeks.




After the ceremony, we got a hotel and played tourist for a few hours.  And of course, McCain ate his way across San Diego.  Perhaps that is my excuse, too.  I seem to have forgotten I am dieting. 




Before heading to the airport, we drove over to Coronado and walked along the beach.  It was chilly but not terribly cold.  Felt good to breathe in the last breath of nice weather before heading home to winter in Nebraska. 




It was snowing before we reached the house.  And it has been cold ever since.  We had a great party here at home for McCain last weekend and have now settled into the holiday grind.  He will be home until early January and then back to San Diego.  I’m not sure I am ready to let him leave.




In other news, the dogs, John and I got to sleep in the new trailer last weekend.  We had a houseful of company for McCain’s graduation and decided we would stay in our “guest house”.  Nahla obviously claimed her spot!   Let me tell you, having ducted heat and a thermostat in the trailer is the bomb!  I don’t know why I waited so long!


By the way, I am not the only one buying trailers this winter.  Since I bought mine, there have been SEVEN others whom I know of who got bit with the new trailer bug!  We’ll have to have a parade of homes this spring to show them all off!


  1. Janette Kimes11:37 AM

    Nice to see a new blog LOL. That is the only thing that is bad about my trailer, No Heat, We use a buddy heater, but it would be nice to be able to just turn it on. We use ours for a extra bed room to.

    1. I used a buddy heater in my previous trailer but never was gutsy enough to leave it on all night. And my "bathroom" was in the stock area of the trailer and THAT was cold! I so enjoy the earlier/later season camp trips. This will be so welcome.

      Yes, I need to get back to blogging more frequently. Maybe if I were riding more..... :)

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I check a couple times daily for new news! I love reading your blog. Interesting and well written. Miss it when you are busy!!


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