Jan 26, 2014

Windy and Windy




It’s almost the end of January and amazingly, I have been getting some rides in this winter.  We have not had the snow and ice like we normally get but oh my gosh – the WIND!  It has just been incredible.  I don’t recall any winter ever having wind gusts like we have been having as of late.  One of the weatherman said its been 34 years since there has been this kind of wind in Nebraska.  Oh, my!




Speaking of Windy (the horse, not the weather), I had a few friends ask me recently what’s been up with John riding her more frequently.  Did I turn her over to him?  No, no, no!  Windy is and will always be my horse.  While its true that John has a connection with her too, since she is Ginger’s only baby, I’m not surprised he has enjoyed riding her.  She has a bit of that redheaded spirit in her.  And while she and I get along just fine for pleasure riding, she has been a bit of a handful during the competitions.  My friends will say that perhaps I have let her get a way with a few things that she probably shouldn’t (nooooo!) and that maybe a firmer hand will help smooth out the edges a bit.  She might be a wee bit spoiled under my saddle.  Ya, think?




So he is going to compete on her when we start doing CTRs this spring and I’ll ride Fancy.  And in all fairness, he needs some time on her before we start competing.  So when we go out riding together, we’ve been switching off.  I’ll probably take Fancy on more of the Wednesday rides this year to get her away from the herd more often.  So its all good.  And hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll switch back.  Or maybe I’ll buy him this little cutting bred red mare I saw on the internet and keep Fancy for myself. 


I do know that it is super-duper fun having two horses that I really enjoy riding. 




  1. Oooh, that first picture is awesome! Glad you're getting some riding in too, although I'm sure you guys are way too dry as well.

  2. I also love that picture of the shadow. And all the other pictures in your previous post. Really nice. Kelly got a good camera for Christmas. She likes to take pictures like you do.

    It appears that we got all your snow. There has been so much snow here that we gave up shoveling! Now we just have a path of snow through the snow.


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