Mar 14, 2014

The Platte River Riders

(Click on image to enlarge schedule)

The Platte River Riders are riding again!  Most of the area schedules have been published and most rides start on Wednesday, April 2.


You may recall NP Dodge Park in Omaha has been closed for a couple years due to the flooding of the Missouri River.  The Omaha group has added it back to the schedule with an asterisk.  While we think the area may be open, we are waiting for confirmation.

The Saunders area schedule has been discontinued and some of those locations have been combined with the Lincoln rides.  We have also added Oak Glen WMA near Garland back into the schedule and hope to explore that area once again.

The North group will start riding on Thursdays, rather than Wednesday, beginning April 10.  Ride Manager Tammy Alexander said there were other area events on Wednesday that conflicted with their riding group and by moving the ride day to Thursday, they hope the North will be well attended by regulars and new riders.

As always, please check our Platte River Riders Facebook page for up-to-minute changes and information.  It can be updated more quickly and on the fly than this web page.  And be sure and post your ride reports and pictures on that Facebook page as well.  It's fun to hear information from all the area Platte River Riders.
If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments here or post on Facebook.  I am looking forward to a fun, safe riding season with our Platte River Riders!


All ride managers appreciate participants being saddled and ready to ride by 6:30 PM.  It's a weeknight and we are burning daylight so there is no time to waste for late comers.  It will be up to those who run late to catch up with the group.  This is the best way to manage everyone's time. 

Click on the link to Horse Trails and locate the designated trail.  If it is not shown on the list, contact the ride manager for that particular area. 


As a busy working adult and full-time mom, sometimes it's nice to take off the "mom hat" and put on my riding helmet, load up my pony and ride with friends. We want to give you that opportunity, too.  Let’s be selfish and save Wednesdays for the grown-ups.

There are no dues or memberships. This is just an opportunity to ride together and have fun! The ride starts promptly at 6:30 PM and does not require a trail boss. Those who are saddled and ready to ride will be that night's group. Please be prompt. The group will not wait on late arrivals. Those who are late will have to catch up with the group.

Please visit the Platte River Riders Facebook for updated information about that evening's ride.  This website can't be updated on the fly like Facebook.  That is where you will see announcements for changes in trails, weather updates or cancellations.  No need to contact a ride manager - most any of the regular riders can help answer questions.  However, you can tag any of the ride managers on Facebook for assistance. 

If you are new to the Platte River Riders, click over to the PRR tab at the top of this page for more other information on joining this fun adult riding group.

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