May 25, 2014

More Riding

The week after that first Competitive Trail Ride was my annual Friday Before Mother's Day Ride.  Since there were so many graduation parties that coming weekend, I decided to stretch it out and have a pre-ride party at my house.  I made room for my guests' horses and rigs and decorated the deck for a fun outdoor party after what I assumed would be a leisurely ride down our gravel roads.  But Mother Nature has a way with even the best laid plans and while we enjoyed just a brief ride (cold and windy) and dinner inside for the same reason, it was the perfect precursor to a lovely day.

The ride numbers were down a bit this year; probably around 75 riders.  That is plenty enough for me.  It's always a busy weekend so that is the reason it is held on Fridays.  I keep saying that this is the last year I will sponsor it but then when the ride comes up, I find myself looking forward to it.  It's an easy ride and with the pre-party, makes for the perfect weekend.

The host should always be the last to leave.  When a friend found the battery dead on her truck, we were delighted with out success in getting it back on the road.  Simple pleasures.

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