Jul 5, 2014

4th of July

Ooops!  In my hurry to unhook ol' HiHo Silver from my trailer and hook up the new truck, the power cord got hooked around the end of the tailgate of the old truck.  I am so careful about this and even when I think it is okay, just goes to show sh!t happens.  So just when I get the gooseneck hitch put in the new truck, John is pretty apprehensive about hooking it up until he gets a new junction box put on the trailer.

The 4th of July has a lot more meaning now that I am a Marine mom.  There is a price for our freedom.  We had the annual Independence Day party with the Vasa family and friends.  McCain asked that I Facebook him so he could "see" everyone.  He "joined" us for the fireworks show.  It was already July 5th in Okinawa, so he got to celebrate the day twice.  Isn't technology amazing?

I planned to camp the rest of the weekend but canceled at the last minute.  The wiring on the trailer, Windy has a loose shoe, Fancy has a lost shoe, humidity....  and I am just plain tired.

We leased Butter out for a few weeks this spring/summer.  A gal who was having her own horse trained needed something to ride during that time.  The updates I received during her time away were accolades such as; "she's a pro", "Butter is wonderful",  "alert, inquisitive and playful."  And what Butter probably most enjoyed, "she is quite the pampered princess."  Her horse is now ready so Butter is coming home this weekend.   Sounds to me like Butter may not be too keen on coming home!



  1. I've been reading your blog for quite some time and almost never comment, now you've heard from me twice in one week! After reading this post, I just wanted to say thank you to your son, yourself and your entire family for your service. My Fourth of July was full of fun, family and fireworks in safety and comfort thanks to people like you all. Just wanted you to know that your sacrifice is not forgotten! Patti in NYC

    1. Thank you, Pat. We are real proud of him. It's scary but so far he has not been deployed so it keeps THIS mom happy! And thanks for stopping by. I really have to keep this site more current. Seems blogging is something I truly love to do but have the least time to do! :)


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