Nov 16, 2014

First Snow

I looked back on last year's blog to see if I posted when we had our first snow and I didn't.  I do know at this time last year, we were trailer shopping.  We just returned from Oklahoma City and took possession of our new to us trailer and the pictures I posted then showed sunny weather without any evidence of the white stuff.  Not true today.  Although the picture above is from my archives, it looks very much like this right now.  What makes it worse is the temperature is a brisk 7 degrees; up from 5 degrees when I woke up today.  It is blamed on some polar vortex due to a hurricane in some far away land.  I just know its darn cold.

What's missing today from the picture above is our Baby.

This picture was taken in 2004.  That is Case (who is now a Senior) standing on the skid.
Baby was 4 years old in this picture.  

After fourteen years, Baby Dutch went to school. Years ago, John built Baby a skid to pull and she did.  Then he built her a wagon to pull.  But he never could get the courage to hook her up to it.  So he sent her to a professional.  Today's report says she is now pulling a four wheel wagon down the highway.

I took some video a couple weeks ago when we went to visit her, but I think I will wait until after she completes her schooling to post them here.  The picture above was taken that day with her trainer, Dave Arrington.

If you are wondering, the answer is No.  I have no interest in driving although it might be a quick way to get some Derby miles on a cold winter day.  This is John's hobby.  That, along with his new-to-him Harley, he has sitting in the basement, will hopefully satisfy his middle age craziness as much as horses has done for me.  I prefer my butt in a saddle.  The horse type, not the Harley.


  1. Great pictures! Too much fun! But I'm with you - saddle time for me :-)

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I enjoyed reading your post. I thought the pictures were really helpful with connecting the reader to the writing. I agree with your opinion of how you prefer your butt in the saddle. Me too! I ride horses as well and it's good to experience different disciplines, like you explained. I also have a blog about equestrianism, which you might be able to relate to. My blog link is if you'd like to check it out.


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