Feb 4, 2015

Here I Am!

Happy New Year, Happy Presidents Day and Happy Groundhog Day!  I have been gone from this spot way to long.  I always have said I blog for myself and not for followers but if my not-yet-born grandchildren read this blog in forty years, they will wonder if I met my demise?  No, still here.  I've just been super, super busy!

With what?


From 2005 to 2011 (I think), I was part of a great committee who hosted the Nebraska Horse Expo each spring.   We took a year off in 2012.  Lots of reasons:  facility cost, lack of volunteers, committee burnout... my son's graduation.  When March came around the next year, I didn't miss that big time commitment dedicated to Expo.  But still.... something about March just hasn't been the same.

At our Trails Committee meeting in November, we asked the question, What If?  What if we, the Trails Committee, did our own Expo dedicated to what we know best.  Trail riding.  Use a smaller facility, cut it back one day and fill it up!  So what if Expo usually took nine months to plan.  We are experienced!  We can do this!  So the Horse Trail Riding Expo came to be and every spare moment I have at the computer is dedicated to making this a top notch event!

Meanwhile, Windy went to "camp".  Code word for "trainer".  She is getting fine tuned again; working on collection and become more soft.  I try to visit her every week and timing was good since I wasn't suppose to ride for awhile following an elbow procedure I had done in December.  

So that's it in a nutshell.  I'll have lots more to share about my riding adventures when Windy comes home.  Until then, think EXPO!

The schedule has been posted on our Expo website.  I'll be doing a demo called Women & Horses.  Check it out!