Black Friday

No, I am not a shopper.  I really prefer to get everything online if at all possible.  The idea of heading out to the stores with a bunch of crazy people fighting over a discounted television is not my idea of a good time but hey, you all who do it, knock yourselves out.  Buy my share because I won't be there!

Actually, the Christmas list is getting smaller each year.  I told my boys that once they are out of school, big Christmases will be a thing of the past.  Their wives will thank me.  I am in a few gift exchanges and may try some handmade items.  I have had some "Pinterest fails" but also some that worked out okay.  I made the above flowers for McCain and Angie's wedding.

We finally got the trailer winterized and today I went out and cleaned the living quarters.  I stripped the bedding and brought in most of the clothes from the closets.  Then cleaned the countertops and scrubbed the refrigerator and floor.  I guess winter is really here.  We had our first ice storm yesterday (on Thanksgiving) and I was grateful we only had to travel down the hill to John's mom's place for the holiday.

I didn't use my little two horse trailer too much last winter.  It had a bad tire and it was just easier to pull out the big one when I needed it.  We had the tires replaced on the small trailer a few months ago so hoping I can steal away when we get some nice days.

Although I have mentioned Darby on Facebook, I don't think I have talked much about her on this blog.  Nor have I mentioned that Fancy is going to have a baby in May.   Lots of changes in our little herd but some fun things to look forward to.  More on that as the winter keeps dragging along.


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