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A Year and 1/2 Later....

So I didn't make the comeback I had hoped to make at the start of the pandemic.  I started a book instead.  But haven't given that the time that I had hoped either.   Since turning 60,  have been thinking a lot about retirement.  Not wanting to wish my life away, but I have come to the realization the next 10 years will most likely be the best my health will be so I may as well enjoy it while I'm "young(ish)".  So contemplating pulling that trigger sooner rather than later. I follow a retirement specialist on Youtube and one of the things mentioned was having a plan.  Not about planning for retirement but what will I do when I retire?  While it will be nice to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, be careful not to go stagnant or get lazy.  Being active = staying healthy.  I know from working at home, its easy to stay in the chair behind the computer screen without even an occasional stretch.  A big no-no.   More to come in days ahead.  Just curious if