Dec 3, 2021

Going Hollywood


Five weeks from today will be my last day at my full-time job.  My last day of a thirty-five-year career.  I remember on my 30th anniversary, someone asked me how I could spend 30 years “here”.  I said, “If I didn’t enjoy walking in the door every day, I wouldn’t be here.”  And I meant it.  Oh, it was not always peachy – there were those days – but for the most part, I parlayed this high school diploma into a very good job that gave me the means to retire at 60 years old. 


While I planned to work a few years longer, my company is going through some changes.  I broke my wrist a couple months ago and had to have surgery on it.  I was asked to fill a different role this passed year and it has been difficult.  The idea of going back to work no longer felt good – I dreaded it.  I also realize I will never be younger than I am at this very minute.  My hobby of choice involves messing with 1,000-pound animals and if I can break my wrist as easy as falling off the ramp of my horse trailer, good Lord, how will it be in another 5 years!  I set up a meeting with my boss and informed him I would be retiring January 7th.  I plan to pick up a part-time gig during the off-riding season, but the 40+ hours weekly will soon be over! 


While I hope to spend a lot more time with my horses when I retire, there will be plenty of time for other things.  A couple years ago, I started writing a book.  Maybe I’ll have time to continue it.  Maybe I’ll reactivate this blog – if only for myself.  When I was on leave for my wrist recovery, typing was not an option so I spent more time in front of the television than usual.  Most notably, on YouTube.  I can be pretty ADD and can’t sit still watching long TV shows, but these YouTube shorts were just my style.  While I tend to be a true crimes junky, I found other topics of interest as well.  And it got me thinking that maybe YouTube was a media I could try.  I have had a channel on YouTube where I post video to share to family and friends – maybe I could make it into something more?  Perhaps what I used to share on this blog could now be shared on video.  The REAL Life of a Horsewoman.  It ain’t all that glamorous, let me tell you! 


I have some serious disadvantages.  While I love photography, I’d have to work on videography.  And I don’t have a face that cameras will love (although I did just have some age spots removed by the dermatologist).  I cuss like a sailor.  Is there a bleep button when editing video?  I haven’t smoked cigarettes in almost 30 years but I still sound like I smoke two packs a day!  (Full disclosure – even when I smoked, I never smoked that much!  So, the best thing I have going for me is my love of horses.


Stay tuned, more to come. 


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