Dec 15, 2021

Looking Back

The pandemic of 2020 changed our lives.  The way we work, where we go, and how we socialize.  It brought some people closer together and split others up.  I don’t think anyone was unscathed by its reign.  The “new normal” we were told. 

 When we flipped the calendar to 2021, did we magically think we would get our lives back?  The pandemic continued.  I donned a supply of masks in my car because you never where they would be required.   Vaccine became available and now we were split again by our “right to choose”.  The “new normal” was not as promising as we hoped.  Where we virtually joined together and sang kumbaya in 2020, I witnessed circles growing smaller this past year.  I’ve learned we no longer stand on your own merit but are judged on degrees of separation of the unknowns.  I’ve seen the loss of kindness.  I have felt left out and cried over the loss of friends and the way things used to be.  I won’t cast stones; guilty as charged.  

While a few of my immediate family and close friends may have contacted COVID-19, no one close to me was hospitalized.  I don’t think anyone of us can say we didn’t know of someone who perished from the virus, but at least in my experience, no one close (knock wood).  I do believe the virus is real and I do believe that the vaccine has reduced the number of those infected.  I just can’t get behind the politics of it all.  I’ll save that for another rant, should I have the notion. 

 I am more optimistic for 2022.  The changing of the calendar will have a direct affect on me, as I am retiring from my company after 35 years of service.  I’ll take on a lesser, part-time role with the same company to help with the cost of health insurance.  I’m excited about a reduction in hours and responsibility.  This new position will give me 4 day weekends every week and summers and falls off.  A horse riders dream!  I’ll still work from home which is a plus most of the time.  The minus is the human contact.  I miss people!  But hopefully can reconnect during my days off.    

 I am 60 years old.  I planned for retirement when I took a job with this company 35 years ago.  I always thought I would work longer than 60, but I doubt I’ll have a herd of 7 horses and pull 32-foot trailers when I am 80.  Maybe my herd will be down to 2 by then!  (Big smile).  I don’t want to sit around at 85 with money in the bank and wishing I would have done this or that when I was 20 years younger.  I want to look back and smile. 

Painting a BIG old house is a BIG project!
We’ve spent the last 2 years remodeling our house and will wrap up the outside painting this spring; just ran out of nice days.  I’m looking forward to fixing up the farm in other ways.  I want to put in a wash bay for the horses (and poodle).  My friend, Kathy, gave me some day lilies that I have the perfect place to plant.  I want to stencil the floor on my front porch.  

I have plans with a friend of 40 years to go on a trip together.  My sister, who lives a couple hours away, also retired and we have made a conscious decision to meet monthly for lunch or dinner.  I’ll have more time to help my son work on his house remodel.  And I already have ride trips on the book; one most notable is 2 weeks on the road with a horse – most likely Punch.  I’ll come home for a break, repack, choose another horse and off for another week.  Pray these dreams come true.  

My office is full right now with work equipment.  When I start my new part-time job, I am moving my work equipment to another room in the house and reclaiming my office at home.  I’ve ordered a new home computer and found some beautiful shelving units on marketplace.  I want to add a crafting space, too.  I’ll then start including pictures with this blog.  I still take a lot of photos, just don’t share them much beyond Facebook.  

There are good times to come. 


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