Apr 26, 2022

The Friday Before Mother's Day Ride

The Friday Before Mother's Day Ride started in 2001 as a way to do what we really wanted to do for Mother's Day - ride our horse.  It continued through 2017 until the Oak Creek Trail closed due to damage on the trail.  This spring, the trail repairs have been complete and we have decided, with short notice, to bring the ride back for those who wanted to ride.

The ride begins at Valparaiso, Nebraska, north of Lincoln.  Park at the trail head on the west end of main street near the grain elevator.  Plan to ride out at 10:00 AM. 

We will ride 7 miles to Loma and stop for lunch.  Bring a sack lunch and a halter and lead for your horse and take a load off.  Return to Valparaiso at any time.  Stay for social hour, bring a camp chair, share some snacks and your favorite beverage at the trail head.  Water is located in Valparaiso across the street from the trail head on the corner.

This is an invitation to ride.  There are no ride fees or trail bosses.  If you would like to contribute to the NRD for a trail donation, there is a place for donations at the kiosk.  If you do not want to ride the entire trail, you can return to Valparaiso at your leisure.  Everyone is responsible for their own transportation.    

This is IMPORTANT:  If there is rain resulting in wet trails the day before or the day of, the ride will be canceled.  The trail repairs have not settled and hooves on wet trails will cause damage.  The current dry conditions will have no impact.  

The horse trail runs in the grass alongside the limestone trail.  Ride on the horse trail where it exists.  This trail is shared by hikers, joggers, and bikers and poop on the limestone is yucky for them, so enjoy the turf of the horse trail.  It is a slight uphill ride to Loma, some open areas and some timber.  If timed just right, the plum blossoms might be blooming. 

Be respectful of all riders.  No running or carrying on.  If your horse kicks, put a red ribbon on its tail so others are aware.  No dogs on the trail.  You are your own responsibility.  

If you join us, enjoy a nice ride with friends in celebration of Mother's Day. 

Follow Google Maps to the Trail Head in Valparaiso.

There is no camping in Valparaiso.  The nearest equine camp is Branched Oak Lake near Raymond.

Mar 19, 2022

Spring, Daylight Saving Time, Warm Weather

 This weekend is supposed to be super nice.  Temps in the 60's today and 70's tomorrow.  With Expo, Expo planning and training for this PT job, the house is beyond neglected.  I'll plug in an audio book or podcast and get to work, keeping my eye on the prize - being outside. 

I start my permanent PT gig in a week.  Selectively, I chose the early shift - 6:00 AM.  Since I will be working from home, I only need to plan enough time to brush my teeth while my coffee cup fills.  Being off early in the afternoon is the reward.  Plus getting in the habit of getting up earlier will be more productive on the days off.  I only planned to do this job during winter months, but the pay is good and as long as I have the time, I'll probably continue 2 or 3 days a week unless I have something better to do.  For the most part, my hours are super flexible.

John has been working this winter on McCain's house remodel.  I promised to help when I got done with my work training.  It's frustrating because John is not good at making plans and will decide what to work on when he gets there.  I don't mind helping, but if he is working on plumbing or HVAC, I'm out.  I just wish he would get to a point that we can start hanging drywall and painting - doing the fun stuff.  John and I remodeled 2 houses in our early days.  It's not as fun anymore.  If it was just refresh, I'd be good.  But the behind the walls stuff is not so good.  

Speaking of making plans, together with this blog, I am going to start working on my YouTube channel.  I want to chronicle rides and camping trips.  The cost of diesel is disappointing.  I've decided to overcome that, I'll just have to stay longer when I venture out.  

Jan 2, 2022

Bring on the Horse Wormer

 When I restarted this blog, it was not to be about the pandemic.  It was to kickstart my retirement - the next chapter of my life.  And now just one week away from the first day of the rest of my life, I have the Covid.  I'm the only one vaccinated in my house and low and behold, I am the one who gets it.  

On Friday, I started sneezing.  Not unusual when I get a cold.  Case and his girlfriend were in the kitchen working on my puzzle while I made dinner.  I even commented to them that I was washing my hands a bunch while I was cooking because I am getting this darn cold....

The next day I woke up with severe congestion in my sinuses.  John made bacon and I couldn't taste any of it  but the salt.  That was my first clue.  I had bought a 2 pack Covid test one other time when I was concerned so took the test.  Sure enough, it came back positive.  

If you have not had Covid in your house, you might want to consider a Covid care package.  I didn't even have Kleenex in the house!  I stumbled through the first couple days taking allergy meds to help my runny/stuffy nose and NyQuil when I went to bed.  I was running a temp but couldn't find a Fahrenheit thermometer in the height of the pandemic last year, so had to run a conversion on my Celsius model; somewhere around 101 degrees.  It isn't in my chest yet, but still difficult to sleep with the sinus congestion.  Today, day 3, McCain drove out with nasal decongestant and Vicks Vapor Rub.  Good Lord, THAT is pricy!  I do feel better today.  

Last weekend, my sister was here for the holidays.  She had never watched Yellowstone and I talked her into staying a few days and binge-watching it.  On the last day she was here, we went out for an early dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  When we started watching again, she suggested we have a screwdriver using the Titos vodka, my brother had left.  I suggested we play a drinking game.  Every someone used the F word on Yellowstone, we had to take a drink straight from the bottle of Titos, alternating between us. 

Who the hell that THAT was a good idea?  Do you know how much they use the F word on Yellowstone?  And WHY did we not stop with a good buzz?  Did we really need to finish off the entire bottle?  Covid has nothing on a the Yellowstone Drinking Game.  I may never drink again.  In case you are wondering, Beth and Rip have the worst mouths but Travis wins!  We got to dreading anytime he rode into the scene.    

Here's to better health and better decisions in 2022.