Mar 19, 2022

Spring, Daylight Saving Time, Warm Weather

 This weekend is supposed to be super nice.  Temps in the 60's today and 70's tomorrow.  With Expo, Expo planning and training for this PT job, the house is beyond neglected.  I'll plug in an audio book or podcast and get to work, keeping my eye on the prize - being outside. 

I start my permanent PT gig in a week.  Selectively, I chose the early shift - 6:00 AM.  Since I will be working from home, I only need to plan enough time to brush my teeth while my coffee cup fills.  Being off early in the afternoon is the reward.  Plus getting in the habit of getting up earlier will be more productive on the days off.  I only planned to do this job during winter months, but the pay is good and as long as I have the time, I'll probably continue 2 or 3 days a week unless I have something better to do.  For the most part, my hours are super flexible.

John has been working this winter on McCain's house remodel.  I promised to help when I got done with my work training.  It's frustrating because John is not good at making plans and will decide what to work on when he gets there.  I don't mind helping, but if he is working on plumbing or HVAC, I'm out.  I just wish he would get to a point that we can start hanging drywall and painting - doing the fun stuff.  John and I remodeled 2 houses in our early days.  It's not as fun anymore.  If it was just refresh, I'd be good.  But the behind the walls stuff is not so good.  

Speaking of making plans, together with this blog, I am going to start working on my YouTube channel.  I want to chronicle rides and camping trips.  The cost of diesel is disappointing.  I've decided to overcome that, I'll just have to stay longer when I venture out.